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Tourist attractions

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Tourist attractions Latvia

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  • 1 Museum of Decorative Arts and Design Interesting

    Museums and art

    Skarnu Iela 10-20 LV - Riga

    Located in the former church of St George (adapted for temporary exhibitions), this museum displays its collections in two large rooms. The first (level 2) is dedicated to the early days of applied arts in Latvia (19C-20C). The second deals with desi..

  • 2 House of Cats Interesting

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    Livu laukums LV - Riga

    The best-known building in Lives Square is an Art Nouveau building on the corner of Meistaru Street. It is the famous house of cats (Kaka nams) built in 1903 by Friedrich Scheffel. The story goes that the cats with arched backs on the rooftop express..

  • 3 National Museum of Fine Arts, Riga Interesting

    Museums and art

    K. Valdemara iela 10a LV - Riga

    Riga's Museum of Fine Arts is housed in a vast historicist building dating from 1905. Although it deals primarily with the great Latvian painters of the late 19C to the middle of the 20C (Janis Rozentals, Janis Valters, Uga Skulme, Janis Liepins, Val..

  • 4 Alberta Street Interesting

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    Alberta Iela LV - Riga

    In the new town to the north of Old Riga, Alberta Street is worth a detour on account of the rich and diverse Art Nouveau architecture which lines it, illustrating the extraordinary creativity of this movement. Note in particular the buildings by Mik..

  • 5 Amata Valley Interesting

    Nature and gardens

    LV - Karli

    Bordered by footpaths, the Amata Valley is one of the most striking landscapes in the Gauja park, with spectacular rocky outcrops. The best known, the Zvarte iezis, is also (the less sporty will be pleased to learn) accessible by car from Karli along..

  • 6 Ruins of Koknese Interesting

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    Melioratoru iela 1 LV - Bilstini

    The River Daugava crosses Belarus for 350km to reach the gulf of Riga. Above the village of Koknese, a barrage was built across the river to generate electricity for the valley, submerging part of Koknese castle (built in the early 13C). A model bear..

  • 7 Cesvaine Castle Interesting

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    LV - Cesvaine

    The fire at the Château de Cesvaine in 2002 was mercifully did not destroy it. Further to works, the structure has been restored to its former glory. Hopefully the rich interior (ornaments, wood panelling) will also rise from the ashes so that visito..

  • 8 Braki Interesting

    Museums and art

    LV - Broki

    This prety traditional hamlet is surrounded by forest. 19C log houses with thatched roofs encircle a village green. Meadows and orchards provide the pleasant fragrance of wild grasses and flowers. The typical Vidzeme barn smells of smoke and straw. T..

  • 9 Lake Kala Interesting

    Nature and gardens

    LV - Slavutych

    The P 81 between Braki and Madona is punctuated by interesting sites (near Mengeli, visit the house of the Jurjani brothers, classical musicians; climb to the top of Gaizinkalns). In particular, don't miss the other-worldly sight of the splendid Lake..

  • 10 Latgale Interesting

    Nature and gardens

    LV - Daugavpils

    Lying in the southeast of the country, Latgale has a unique character. This is a region of immutable ancestral traditions where time seems to stand still. While its countryside is today somewhat depopulated (many having left for the cities), it remai..

  • 11 Daugavpils Fortress Interesting

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    Daugavpils Iela LV - Apses

    Built in 1810 by the Tsarist army to repel Napoleonic forces, this fortress is the jewel of the city, albeit currently in need of a clear social purpose. The fortress's impressive dimensions - it housed 6 000 Russian troops between the end of the Sec..

  • 12 Lake Lubans Interesting

    Nature and gardens

    LV - Cernihiv

    Bird lovers should make a detour to visit this lake, the country's largest, with huge expanses of marshland. Information centre and observation towers. During April and May, thousands of migratory birds come through here, notably large flocks of swan..

  • 13 Jurmala Maritime Park Interesting

    Nature and gardens

    Peldu Iela LV - Liepaja

    This park borders Liepaja beach for 3km, a place for strolls and open-air activities, perhaps a game of tennis, before taking a dip in the sea. A lovely spot which will appeal to visitors of all ages.

  • 14 Liepaja Resort District Interesting

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    Liepu Iela LV - Liepaja

    Separated from the Baltic by the Jurmala maritime park, this district is notable primarily for its fine houses bordering Liepu Street.

  • 15 St Peter's Market Interesting

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    Rakstvezu Iela LV - Liepaja

    Built in 1910 in the neo-Moorish style, this colourful covered market is particularly animated. Behind it is a vast open-air space where clothing, plants, flowers, fruit and vegetables are sold.

  • 16 Church of the Holy Trinity Interesting

    Religious buildings

    LIela Iela 9 LV - Liepaja

    If the opportunity arises, take in a concert here to see this church's remarkable interior at its best. A monumental organ (7 000 pipes) occupies the sanctuary.

  • 17 Lake Pape Interesting

    Nature and gardens

    A11 LV - Rucava

    Not far from the frontier, Lake Pape is a saline lagoon with landscape resembling France's Camargue region. Many migratory birds (more than 250 species) take up residence here between August and November. The area is also a habitat for wild horses th..

  • 18 Riezupe Sand Caves Interesting

    Nature and gardens

    Krasta Iela LV - Kuldiga

    Running for 2km, these underground quarries are the result of sand extraction for use in the glassmaking industry during the reign of Duke Jekabs. Today they make for an extraordinary, at times entrancing, spectacle

  • 19 Rainis and Aspazija Summer House Interesting

    Museums and art

    J. Pieksana Iela 5-7 LV - Jurmala

    A poignant opportunity to learn about Janis Rainis and Elza Plieksane (nicknamed Aspazija), engaged Latvian poets who were exiled here in Tsarist times. They lived here for three years before the death of Janis, living on the first floor of this litt..

  • 20 Racene Bathhouse Interesting

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    Pilsonu Iela 1 LV - Jurmala

    The silhouette of this large wooden building topped by a turret overlooking the beach has become the emblem of this resort. During the Belle Époque period, it was the fashion to take baths of heated sea water here.

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