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Driving in Lithuania

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Driving in Lithuania

Information acquired on 11/06/2009

Compulsory documents

Pink EU driving licence.

International driving license (recommended only).

Car registration or rental papers.

Country initials sticker.

International Motor Insurance Card.

Passport (recommended only).

Owner's permission required if using a vehicle belonging to a third party (recommended only).

Motorists are advised to contact the Motoring Association for information on local regulations.


Maximum alcohol level : 0.04 %. This is to be considered dangerous : don't drink and drive.

Minimum age for front seat passengers : 12 years.

Minimum size of children allowed to ride in the front seat : 1.50m.

Child seat, booster seat or fitted restraint system, compulsory up to 3 years.

Minimum driving age : 16 years.

Safety belt: compulsory front and back.

Motorcyclists: helmet compulsory for driver and passenger.

Dipped headlights compulsory (night and day) all year round.

Studded tires under certain restrictions from 1 November to 1 April .

"studded tires" sign compulsory on rear window.


Warning triangle compulsory.

First-aid kit compulsory.

Fire extinguisher compulsory.

Fluorescent safety jacket compulsory.

Speed limits (Light vehicles)

In built-up areas : 50 kph.

On roads : 90 kph.

On dual carriageways : 100 / 110 kph.

On motorways : 110 / 130 kph.

These speed limits are lower in wet weather.

Auto clubs

Lietuvos Automobilininku Sajunga (LAS)

Trinapolio g. 9B

08337 - VILNIUS


Lietuvos Automobiliu Sporto Federacija (LASF)

Draugystes 19-344

51230 - KAUNAS


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