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Tourist attractions

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Tourist attractions Lithuania

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  • 1 Aukstaitija National Park Recommended Recommended

    Nature and gardens

    LT - Lapiakalnis

    A vast area of greenery dotted by the blue of its numerous lakes, this national park is paradise for lovers of the great outdoors - walkers, cyclists and canoeists. Lying in the northeast of the country, its 40 000ha can be discovered setting off fro..

  • 2 Hill of Crosses Recommended Recommended

    Nature and gardens

    LT - Domantai

    This makes for a unique sight: crosses, crosses and yet more crosses... standing in tight formation, without order or logic, making for an astonishing ensemble. The result of an old Lithuanian tradition, the earliest of these crosses date from the 19..

  • 3 Palanga Botanical Park Recommended Recommended

    Nature and gardens

    LT - Palanga

    A section of forest bordering Palanga beach was landscaped in 1897 by French garden designer Édouard-François André (1867-1942). More than 18km of cycle and footpaths wind among the spread-out pines and over 500 fragrant species. They lead to the sea..

  • 4 Amber Museum Recommended Recommended

    Museums and art

    17 Vytauto g. LT - Palanga

    In the middle of the botanical park stands a fine neo-Renaissance country house (19C) built for the Tiskevicius family, now home to an exhibition dedicated to the gold of the Baltic. Visitors learn about the different forms and colours of amber. Thre..

  • 5 Rotuses Square Recommended Recommended

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    Rotuses aikste LT - Kaunas

    As has long been the case, this square represents the hub of Kaunas; its finest buildings are located here and it served as the city marketplace for centuries. Note the town hall (n°15) which dominates it, the Jesuit church of St Francis Xavier (nos7..

  • 6 Cathedral of St Peter and St Paul Recommended Recommended

    Religious buildings

    1 Vilniaus g. LT - Kaunas

    The country's only Gothic basilica, its foundation stones were laid in 1410 under Grand Duke Vytautas. Its exterior is sober both in form (fine Gothic apertures) and ornamentation, but the interior is extremely rich, embellished using Renaissance and..

  • 7 Lithuanian Open-Air Museum Recommended Recommended

    Museums and art

    2 L. Lekavièiaus g. LT - Rumsiskes

    For those wishing to glimpse the traditional scenery of the Zemaitija, Suvalkija, Dzukija and Aukstaitija regions, a visit to this open-air museum is a must. School, church, houses, artisanal workshops... all are reconstructed here, together with per..

  • 8 Gruto Parkas Recommended Recommended

    Industrial tourism and theme park

    LT - Grutas

    The emphasis is on political history at Gruto Parkas, which was set up in the middle of nature in 2001. Statues of the Communist figures who forged the country's history, once installed on the squares of Lithuanian towns and villages, are now arrange..

  • 9 Courland Isthmus Recommended Recommended

    Nature and gardens

    LT - Nida

    An immense strip of sand 98km in length marks the west coast of Lithuania on the Baltic Sea: the Courland Isthmus. Its early history encompasses fact and legend; what is for certain is that this is a magnificent landscape, a playground for lovers of ..

  • 10 Gediminas Hill Interesting

    Nature and gardens

    LT - Vilnius

    It was on this 48m-high hill that Vilnius was first founded, replacing Trakai as the nation's capial. Since the 13C, an octagonal brick tower (Gedimin bokstas) has stood here, all that remains of a larger castle. Visible throughout the city, it is to..

  • 11 Museum of Applied Arts Interesting

    Museums and art

    3A Arsenalo g. LT - Vilnius

    Restored in 1986, this huge white 16C building (a former arsenal) hosts temporary and permanent exhibitions. Furniture, porcelain, earthenware and tapestries from a variety of European schools are displayed in a series of vast rooms. Lithuanian arts ..

  • 12 Amber Gallery-Museum Interesting

    Museums and art

    8 Sv. Mykolo g. LT - Vilnius

    In the basement of this gallery-museum, amber is placed in context against a backdrop of 16C ceramics ovens. Visitors first learn its name in 28 languages. Text in English explains where the resin comes from, the trade routes used and the different s..

  • 13 Church of the Holy Spirit Interesting

    Religious buildings

    8 Dominikonu g. LT - Vilnius

    Built in an early Baroque style, the Church of the Holy Spirit is the country's foremost place of Orthodox worship. You enter through the neo-Byzantine monastery portal. It was designed by Jan Krzysztof Glaubitz between 1749 and 1753. The interior is..

  • 14 Traku Street Interesting

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    Traku g. LT - Vilnius

    This pleasant street lined by colourful low houses is enlivened by numerous businesses. Crossing a little park leads to the church of the Assumption (n°9). As with the rest of this old quarter ("Piaski" or sand district), this Franciscan ch..

  • 15 Europos Parkas Interesting

    Museums and art

    LT - Joneikiskiu

    See contemporary art against the grandiose backdrop of the natural world: such was the dream of Gintaras Karosas who conceived the idea of Europos Parkas. Here, at the heart of a forest of tall fir trees, are around 100 sculptures by renowned artists..

  • 16 Karaimu Street Interesting

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    Karaimu g. LT - Trakai

    Karaites have lived in Trakai since the late 14C, when Vytautas invited them to come here from the Crimea to guard the fortress. Today, less than 100 Karaites live here, mostly on Karaimu Street. Note their houses in painted wood, all of which follow..

  • 17 Traditional Beekeeping Museum Interesting

    Museums and art

    LT - Stripeikiai

    On a low hill, this museum is surrounded by ancient beehives, the boxes topped with straw or otherwise decorated with sculptures. Some are still working, and the bees can be seen coming and going through the mouth of a local deity (Babilas, the god o..

  • 18 Kleboniskiai Village Museum Interesting

    Museums and art

    LT - Pakalniškiai

    This village museum is made up of 26 wooden houses (19C-20C) surrounded by characteristic perimeter hurdles of interwoven branches. Their interiors retain a bygone atmosphere. The place teems with cats and chickens. Well-tended orchards and thatched ..

  • 19 Zemaitija National Park Interesting

    Nature and gardens

    LT - Plateliai

    The native land of the Samogitians, a group particularly attached to their traditions, the Zemaitija national park extends around the extensive calm waters of Lake Plateliu. Forestry predominates here (9 700ha); visitors exploring the region should n..

  • 20 Parnidis Dune Interesting

    Nature and gardens

    LT - Nida

    High barren dunes fringe the southern outskirts of Nida. The 52m-high Parnidis dune is the last shifting dune of the isthmus and may be climbed by steps reached along the shoreline (those in a hurry can drive to them). From the top, there is a lovely..

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