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Tourist attractions

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Tourist attractions Luxembourg

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  • 1 Church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul

    Religious buildings

    R. du 10-septembre L - 9516 Wiltz

    Situated in the lower town, the 16C Deacon's church of Saint Paul and Saint Peter was enlarged and restored in the 20C. It has two Gothic naves which house the tombstones of the Lords of Wiltz. A fine wrought-iron gate separates the former chancel fr..

  • 2 Castle

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    R. du Château L - 9516 Wiltz

    The current castle of the Counts of Wiltz was built between 1631 and 1720. It has retained a 13C square tower, formerly the entrance to the initial castle. The main staircase was added in 1727. The castle is now occupied by a variety of public and pr..

  • 3 Our Lady of Fatima sanctuary

    Religious buildings

    R. N.-D. de Fatima L - 9516 Wiltz

    The Our Lady of Fatima sanctuary, built to commemorate the victims of WWII, dates back to 1952. It is today a place of pilgrimage for the parishioners of Wiltz and for many Portuguese immigrants, whose processions take place on two different dates.

  • 4 Place d'Armes of Luxembourg

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    Pl. d'Armes L - 1136 Luxembourg

    This shaded square is the lively centre of the city. In high season, the cafés spill onto the pavements. The main feature of the square is the Palais Municipal. Behind the bandstand is a column in honour of Michel Lentz, the author of the Luxembourg ..

  • 5 Place Guillaume II

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    Pl. Guillaume II L - 1648 Luxembourg

    As the name indicates, this square is dedicated to William II of the Netherlands (1792-1849), Grand Duke of Luxembourg. His equestrian statue stands in this square. Since 1830, the town hall, built in a Neo-Renaissance style, has overlooked the squar..

  • 6 Bock rock

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    Montée de Clausen L - 1343 Luxembourg

    This rocky outcrop used to be linked to the city by a drawbridge (now replaced by the Pont du Château). Today, it has been smoothed away by the creation of the Clausen hill and suppports the ruins of Luxembourg Castle. The tower, known as the «Broken..

  • 7 Council of the European Union

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    Pl. de l'Europe L - 1499 Luxembourg

    Unmistakable on the Place de l'Europe, the 22-storey Alcide-de-Gasperitower, built in 1965, is home to the Council of the European Union, when it meets here three times a year. At the foot of the tower lies the European Conference and Congress Centre..

  • 8 Porte des Trois Tours

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    Bd Jean-Ulveling L - 2653 Luxembourg

    This gate stands at the level of the second city wall and is only flanked by two towers. Further along, the 17th-Century Porte Pfaffenthal leads into the city.

  • 9 Fish market square

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    Pl. du Marché L - 1728 Luxembourg

    This square was once a crossroads between Roman roads and owes its name to the Fish Market that once stood here. The old houses around the square make it a very picturesque place. You will find the house called «under the pillars»: above its Renaissa..

  • 10 Place Clairefontaine

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    Pl. Clairefontaine L - 1341 Luxembourg

    On this attractive square situated in the old town near the cathedral, it's good to stroll. A memorial to Grand Duchess Charlotte has been erected.

  • 11 Fort Thüngen / Dräi Eechelen Museum

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    R. du Fort-Thüngen L - 1629 Luxembourg

    The amusingly shaped former Fort Thüngen (18C) was built deep in the woods. It earned its nickname - Three Acorns - because of its acorn-shaped towers. It will eventually house the fort museum, designed by French architect Jean-Michel Wilmotte and de..

  • 12 Casemates de la Pétrusse

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    Pl. de la Constitution L - 1499 Luxembourg

    This large underground network which opens onto the Pétrusse Valley was built in 1746 by the Austrians to improve the plateau's defences on the South flank.

  • 13 Villa Vauban - Art Museum of the city of Luxembourg

    Museums and art

    Av. Emile-Reuter 18 L - 1499 Luxembourg

    The Villa Vauban has Belgian, Dutch and French pictures from the 17C to the 19C, and also hosts temporary exhibitions. Among the Flemish paintings, look out for the work of David Teniers the Younger (17C). The 17C Dutch collection is excellent. Frenc..

  • 14 Église St-Jean-du-Grund

    Religious buildings

    R. Münster L - 1499 Luxembourg

    Until the French Revolution, this church was part of the Benedictine Abbey of Munster. The current edifice dates from 1705. Inside, notice the three retables in the choir stalls in Flemish Baroque style, a 16th-Century Way of the Cross in Limoges ena..

  • 15 Lohmühle Dam

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    N10 L - 9409 Vianden

    This dam forms the lower reservoir of a large hydroelectric power station. The reservoir, which holds 10 million cubic meters of water is 8km long. Vianden New Church, constructed in 1770 in the former plague-stricken quarter, huddles at the foot of ..

  • 16 Vianden hydroelectric station

    Industrial tourism and theme park

    BP 2 L - 9401 Vianden

    Since 1964 6 million m3 of water from two reservoirs at the top of Mount Saint Nicholas have been feeding the hydroelectric power station of Vianden. The water pours into a lower reservoir which forms a barrage lake due to Lohmühle dam built in the O..

  • 17 Wiltz's cross of justice

    Religious buildings

    R. du Château L - 9516 Wiltz

    The 16C cross marks the spot where justice was once delivered in Wiltz. In addition to the arms of Wiltz, Bourscheid, Bassompierre and Bellenhausen, the cross carries a statue of the virgin and St. John Nepomucene, added in the 18C.

  • 18 The Our Valley

    Nature and gardens

    N10 L - Vianden

    At Wallendorf on the outskirts of Ouren in Belgium, the Our forms a border between Germany and the Grand Duchy, boring and deep and why indeed Valley out of the former massif, which is often very narrow between the sheer rock faces.

  • 19 Parish Church

    Religious buildings

    CR308 L - 8831 Randschelt

    This Romanesque church was modified during the late Gothic period and its knave enlarged in the 16th century. Some parts are covered with frescoes dating from the first half of the 15th and 16th century that depict many brightly coloured characters..

  • 20 Perekop

    Nature and gardens

    L - 6475 Echternach

    The Perekop is a tower-like rock that is about 40 metres high and which overhangs the road linking Echternach to Berdorf on the right. the staircase set out in a crevice pleased to the summit, where you have a lovely view over the woods.

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