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Tourist attractions

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Tourist attractions Bulgaria

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  • 1 Dospat Lake Recommended Recommended

    Nature and gardens

    BG - Dospat

    Dospat Lake, extending over a distance of some 20 kilometres, is the paradise of hikers and anglers. The Batak road, which rises through the forest, enables motorists to skirt the lake and offers superb views of the expanse of emerald water. If you w..

  • 2 The village Recommended Recommended

    Towns and villages

    BG - 2450 Kovacevica

    As one approaches the lovely village of Kovacevica, one gets a glimpse of silver-coloured stone-slab roofs emerging from below the road. Tall houses looking like fortresses, a small white church and steep, quiet streets: one definitely feels like pro..

  • 3 Arda Gorge Recommended Recommended

    Nature and gardens

    BG - Silen

    At Silen, one can see, straight ahead, a ridge of sheer cliffs pierced by caves which birds of prey use as shelters. Next, one enters the Arda Gorge. Here the earth and the rocks offer the whole range of ochre colours while the turquoise waters of th..

  • 4 Batak Lake Recommended Recommended

    Nature and gardens

    BG - Batak

    The splendid Batak reservoir is set in a beautiful mountain landscape, on the edge of the Rhodope mountains. Very much sought after in summer, it is the rendezvous of anglers and hikers, who indulge in their favourite activity along the pleasant shor..

  • 5 The Cape of Kaliakra Recommended Recommended

    Nature and gardens

    BG - 9650 Kavarna

    The Cape of Kaliakra appears to be plunging straight into the sea, making one feel dizzy. It extends over a distance of 2km and acquires exceptional beauty through its location in the middle of a nature reserve (birdlife, flora). In Kaljakra, set bac..

  • 6 Maritime gardens Recommended Recommended

    Nature and gardens

    BG - 8000 Burgas

    Laid out over a terrace overlooking the beaches, the large maritime gardens at Burgas are without a doubt the most pleasant area of the town! Planted with various species, they are crisscrossed by charming alleyways dotted with busts of famous native..

  • 7 Church of Christ-Pantocrator Recommended Recommended

    Religious buildings

    BG - 8230 Nesebar

    The beauty of the church of Christ-Pantocrator lies in its harmonious proportions. Built of brick and stone in the 13C, it is decorated with a fine green ceramic frieze underlining the blind arcading. The unadorned interior surmounted by a central do..

  • 8 Church of Saint-Saviour Recommended Recommended

    Religious buildings

    BG - 8230 Nesebar

    The partly buried church of Saint-Saviour was built during the Ottoman occupation (1609). From this period it has retained a fine series of frescoes representing the Apostles among others. As you leave, you will notice, on your right, the remains of ..

  • 9 Basilica, a former metropolis Recommended Recommended

    Religious buildings

    BG - 8230 Nesebar

    The tall walls of this imposing basilica, pierced by arches, stand on a small square facing the sea. The building, erected in the 5C, is divided into three naves by two rows of columns, of which, in most cases, only the base remains. The main nave en..

  • 10 St Stephen's Church, a new metropolis Recommended Recommended

    Religious buildings

    BG - 8230 Nesebar

    The massive-looking St-Stephen's Church, erected in the 10C, features, of course, later additions. Before entering, note the cornice decorated with a green-ceramic frieze. Inside, you will admire carved-wood episcopal thrones, a fine, painted iconost..

  • 11 Church of St John Aliturgetos Recommended Recommended

    Religious buildings

    BG - 8230 Nesebar

    Overlooking the sea, this church always makes an impression on visitors. It owes its charm primarily to its location, but also to its very romantic ruined condition. After taking time to study the decorative geometric incrustations in the brickwork, ..

  • 12 Church of Our Lady Recommended Recommended

    Religious buildings

    Apoloniya BG - 8130 Sozopol

    It is a pleasant experience to lose oneself in the old town and admire the dense muddle of corbelled houses covered with wood. Most of them have been converted into taverns. Do not miss the unassuming church of Our Lady (Sv. Bogorodica). Built in the..

  • 13 Ethnographic Museum Recommended Recommended

    Museums and art

    Panagyurište 22 22 BG - 9000 Varna

    Housed in a group of wooden buildings dating from 1866, this museum contains one of the country's finest ethnographic collections. The ground floor presents the specific tools of various corporations: farmers, wine growers, beekeepers, fishermen and ..

  • 14 Roman baths Recommended Recommended

    Archaeological and historical sites

    BG - 9000 Varna

    The ruins of the 2C Roman baths look impressive. Partly overgrown by mediterranean vegetation, they have a fine romantic appearance. As one explores the site, one understands the important role these baths must have played in Roman daily life. Among ..

  • 15 St-Nicholas's Church Recommended Recommended

    Religious buildings

    Pl. Saint-Nicolas BG - 5800 Pleven

    St-Nicholas's Church, built in 1834, probably on the foundations of a late 13C edifice, is half buried (here as elsewhere, this was meant to show that Christianity was inferior to Islam). The interior houses an elaborately carved iconostasis and a fi..

  • 16 Svetlin Rusev Art Gallery Recommended Recommended

    Museums and art

    Pl. Svoboda BG - 5800 Pleven

    This gallery houses a remarkable collection of Bulgarian art assembled by artist Svetlin Rusev, born in Pleven in 1933. Great names of Bulgarian painting are gathered here: Canko Lavrenov (1896-1978), Benco Obreškov (1889-1970), David Perec (1906-198..

  • 17 History Museum Recommended Recommended

    Museums and art

    BG - 5800 Pleven

    The collections of the History Museum recall the history of Pleven, from Antiquity until today. The extremely rich Prehistory-and-Antiquity section includes the superb Thracian treasure of Valcitran, consisting of gold receptacles (8C BC). The mediev..

  • 18 Holy Trinity Cathedral Recommended Recommended

    Religious buildings

    Pl. Sveta Troitsa BG - 7000 Ruse

    Holy Trinity Cathedral (1632) nestles in a pleasant garden behind by railings. Half buried and of modest proportions, it is surmounted by a bell tower and a turret. In the vast nave, you will admire the gilded iconostasis with its fine royal doors, a..

  • 19 Rusenski Lom National Park Recommended Recommended

    Nature and gardens

    BG - Ivanovo

    Although not easily accessible, Rusenski Lom National Park can be explored in several places along the course of the Cerni Lom, South of Ruse. The park follows the valleys of the three rivers which join to form the Rusenski Lom (the Lom of Ruse), a t..

  • 20 Rock church of Our lady Recommended Recommended

    Religious buildings

    BG - Ivanovo

    Steps hewn out of the rock lead 38m up to the entrance of the rock church of Our Lady. Dug out and decorated in the 13C and 14C, it is now on Unesco's World Heritage list. The interior is adorned with a remarkable set of frescoes, depicting scenes fr..

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