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Tourist attractions

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Tourist attractions Bonifacio

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  • 1 Site Highly Recommended Highly Recommended Highly Recommended

    Nature and gardens

    N196 F - 20169 Bonifacio

    Magnificent «end of the world», Bonifacio has both a harbour and a upper town. The marina, a port constructed at the bottom of a 1,500 metre fjord, is a safe haven for boats, closed off by a narrow bottleneck and protected from high tides by a 60-met..

  • 2 Col St-Roch Recommended Recommended

    Nature and gardens

    Montée Rastello F - 20169 Bonifacio

    At the tope off the Pass is a modest chapel, built in the place where the last victim of the plague of 1528 died. This viewpoint gives a very wide view over the sea towards Sardinia, the bastion and the Marine. To the left, the Grain de sable with it..

  • 3 Upper town Recommended Recommended

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    Rue Doria F - 20169 Bonifacio

    Perched on the rock overlooking the sea, upper Bonifacio is made up of the medieval old town and the citadel. Created in the 19th C, the access road splits at the Roman column. The left incline leads to the old town via a tunnel. The old, narrow stre..

  • 4 Marine caves and coast Recommended Recommended

    Nature and gardens

    F - 20169 Bonifacio

    The boat skirts the cliffs that are between 60 and 90m high. Horizontal and oblique stratifications show how the sea currents changed direction during sedimentation. The high limestone cliffs are punctuated by caves, including those of Sdragonato and..

  • 5 Lavezzi islands Interesting

    Nature and gardens

    Bonifacio F - 20169 Bonifacio

    This island is part of the Lavezzi archipelago. The French part of the archipelago, where the frigate La Sémillante ran aground in 1855, is now a natural reserve for studying and preserving insular animal and plant species in their original biotope. ..

  • 6 Église St-Dominique Interesting

    Religious buildings

    F - 20169 Bonifacio

    This chuch should was supposedly completed in 1343 by the Dominicans on the site of a former Templar church, and is one of the rare examples of Gothic architecture in Corsica. The campanile with its octagonal upper levels and crenelles is strikingly ..

  • 7 Golfe de Santa Manza Interesting

    Nature and gardens

    D58 F - 20169 Bonifacio

    A great diversity of landscapes with sandy beaches, little ports such as Gurgazu and cliffs. The public beaches of Maora and Santa Manza are pleasant and popular with windsurfers.

  • 8 Marine Interesting

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    quai Comparetti F - 20169 Bonifacio

    The port quarter, placed under the protection of St Erasmus, the patron saint of fishermen, stretches along the southern dock and is dominated by a great bastion. Hotels, restaurants, cafés and shops bring the whole area to life, especially in summer..

  • 9 Bosco

    Nature and gardens

    espl. St-François F - 20169 Bonifacio

    This particularly bare part of the plateau has kept the name bosco (wood). Until the 18th C, it was in fact covered with olive trees, junipers, mastics and others. You will notice the ruined towers - relics of old windmills, some dating back to the 1..

  • 10 Giovasole

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    quai Nord F - 20169 Bonifacio

    New buildings, some with arcades and swimming pools, make up this quarter to the north of the port, adjoining the Marine.

  • 11 Maison de la Miséricorde

    Religious buildings

    Rue St-Dominique F - 20169 Bonifacio

    This hospice was founded in the 13th C and is the base of the Brotherhood of the Holy Cross and houses a piece of the real cross.

  • 12 Place du Fondaco

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    pl. du Fondaco F - 20169 Bonifacio

    Its name gives away its Arabic influences - the fondaco is the Corsican version of the Arabic fondouk, a shop and an inn.

  • 13 Chapelle de la confrérie St-Jean-Baptiste

    Religious buildings

    Rue du Fondaco F - 20169 Bonifacio

    This little chapel built in 1785 with two vaulted naves is quite charming.

  • 14 Bastion de l'Étendard

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    Avenue Charles-de-Gaulle F - 20169 Bonifacio

    This bastion watched over the Porte de Gênes, the only entrance to the town until the 19th C. Eight gates and a drawbridge led into Place d'Armes. It was the centrepiece of the 2.5km of ramparts of which several defence towers still remain.

  • 15 Mémorial du Bastion

    Museums and art

    Quartier de la Citadelle F - 20169 Bonifacio

    This memorial relives some great events in the history of Bonifactio - the visit of Charles Quint and of Bonaparte, the sinking of La Sémillante on the Lavezzi Islands, and so on. A copy of the «Dame de Bonifacio» and the fossilised squeleton of a Tu..

  • 16 Casteletto

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    Rue Castelli-Pacha F - 20169 Bonifacio

    This quarter was the first fortified urban islet on the plateau, having been built in the 7th and 8th C. Place Casteletto marks the site of the military quarters of the Pisan army.

  • 17 Esplanade St-François

    Nature and gardens

    espl. St-François F - 20169 Bonifacio

    Near the Convent of Saint-François, this vast esplanade gives a superb view of the cliffs of the old town, the Bouches de Bonifacio and, across the sea, Sardinia.

  • 18 Gouvernail de la Corse

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    Quartier St-François F - 20169 Bonifacio

    A passage hewn from the cliff opposite the entrance to the cemetery leads to a cannon in the middle of the rock called the Rudder of Corsica. Original view over the Bouches de Bonifacio.

  • 19 Capo Pertusato

    Nature and gardens

    D260 F - 20169 Bonifacio

    The Capo is reached via a limestone causse that explodes with colourful flowers in spring. Here are orchids, ophrys and serapais among the bushes of the garrigue. View from the lighthouse to Cavello and Lavezzi Islands and the Sardinian coast.

  • 20 Ermitage de la Trinité

    Religious buildings

    N196 F - 20169 Bonifacio

    The early convent, dating back to the 13th C, stands on a lovely site among green oaks, olives and enormous blocks of granite. Ideal for living the life of a hermit.

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