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Tourist attractions Dinan

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  • 1 Old Dinan Recommended Recommended

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    pl. des Merciers F - 22100 Dinan

    A stroll in the old part of Dinan takes you straight back to the atmosphere of the Middle Ages; there are numerous well-preserved, timber-framed houses.

  • 2 Dinan castle Interesting

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    r. du Château F - 22100 Dinan

    The castle is composed of elements built in different periods; it is home to the Dinan History Museum which covers the prehistoric era to the early 20C and also has exhibits of local handicrafts. From the terrace overlooking the watchpath is a fine p..

  • 3 Place des Merciers Interesting

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    pl. des Merciers F - 22100 Dinan

    The square is lined with fine, triangular-gabled houses with wooden porches. In nearby streets (de la Cordonnerie, du Petit-Pain) are corbelled houses. The cabaret singer Théodore Botrel (1868-1925), the composer of La Paimpolaise, was born at no 10 ..

  • 4 Rue du Jerzual Interesting

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    r. du Jerzual F - 22100 Dinan

    This steep cobbled street is lined with 15 and 16C shops occupied by weavers, glass blowers and sculptors. This old street, leading to the harbour, was once the home of middle-class inhabitants, craftsmen and merchants.

  • 5 Basilica of St Saviour Interesting

    Religious buildings

    14 pl. St-Sauveur F - 22100 Dinan

    The entrance has a Romanesque porch crowned by a flamboyant Gothic gable. Built from the 12 to the 16C, the church is dissymmetrical: the right-hand side is Romanesque and the left-hand side, chancel and transept are flamboyant. Du Guesclin's heart i..

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  • http://www.zevisit.com/Columbus/partenaire/ETAPE/FLUXXMLDOWNLOAD/US/VIAMICHELIN/2030/etape-audio.mp3

  • 13 Place du-Guesclin

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    pl. du-Guesclin F - 22100 Dinan

    This square, once the site of a fair, is lined with 18 and 19C buildings and contains an equestrian statue of Commander-in-Chief Bertrand Du Guesclin, by Frémiet.

  • 14 Hôtel Kératry

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    4 r. de l'Horloge F - 22100 Dinan

    This charming 16C building with three granite pillars is now home to the Maison de la Harpe. It is an exhibition, documentation centre on the Celtic harp and harps from around the world.

  • 15 House of the Recumbent Figure

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    r. de l'Horloge F - 22100 Dinan

    The restoration of this house with a 17C porch led to the discovery of the 14C recumbent figure. It is now on display outside.

  • 16 Clock Tower

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    r. de l'Horloge F - 22100 Dinan

    On the belfry is the clock bought by the people of Dinan in 1498; the great tenor, a gift from Duchess Anne in 1507 bears her name. At the top of the tower there is an extensive panoramic view over the town and region. Inside the tower is an exhibiti..

  • 17 Rue de l'Apport

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    r. de l'Apport F - 22100 Dinan

    In this street, the half-timbered 15, 16 and 17C houses with overhanging upper storeys and porches, supported by wooden pillars, or with high windows jutting out form an ensemble, typical of Dinan.

  • 18 Church of St Malo

    Religious buildings

    12 r. de la Boulangerie F - 22100 Dinan

    Building started on this flamboyant Gothic style church in 1490. Its 20C stained-glass windows illustrate the various quarters of Dinan: Jerzual, Vieux-Pont and Place des Cordeliers. A noteworthy chancel and transept.

  • 19 English-style garden

    Nature and gardens

    r. du Rempart F - 22100 Dinan

    From this garden (particularly from St Catherine's tower) there is a fine view over the River Rance, the harbour, viaduct and ramparts.

  • 20 Maison du Gouverneur

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    24 r. du Petit-Fort F - 22100 Dinan

    This attractive 15C residence hosts temporary exhibitions during the summer months.

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