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Tourist attractions Autun

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  • 1 St.Lazare Cathedral Recommended Recommended

    Religious buildings

    Rue Notre-Dame F - 71400 Autun

    It would have taken a long time to achieve the extensive detail of the tympanum of the central portal, which is the major work of the Cathedral, sculpted between 1130 and 1135 by Gislebertus. The theme is of the Last Judgement depicted around a centr..

  • 2 St.Andrew 's gateway Interesting

    Archaeological and historical sites

    Rue de la Croix-Blanche F - 71400 Autun

    This is one of the four gateways which, with 54 semi-circular towers made up the Gallo-Roman enclosure. It has two archways for chariots and two prettier ones for pedestrians and is surmounted by a passage with ten arches. Transformed into a Church i..

  • 3 Musée Rolin Interesting

    Museums and art

    5 rue des Bancs F - 71400 Autun

    The Musée Rolin is divided into four areas. The Gallo-Roman archaeology section houses a collection of pieces and relics from Bibracte Oppidum. Two rooms are devoted to masterpieces of Romanesque statuary by two masters from the Burgundian School: Gi..

  • 4 Cross of the Liberation, Autun Interesting

    Archaeological and historical sites

    D 256 F - 71400 Autun

    This granite cross was built in 1945 to commemorate the liberation of Autun. From the cross you have a view over the depression of Autun and the Arroux valley,

  • 5 Bonaparte School

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    Place du Champ-de-Mars F - 71400 Autun

    This old Jesuit college opened its superb gates, forged in 1772 -enlivened with some guilt emblems depicting astrolabes, medals, globes, lyres, The school has had some famous pupils such as Bussy-Rabutin, the Napoleon brothers and Joseph and Lucien B..

  • 6 Notre Dame Church

    Religious buildings

    Place du Champ-de-Mars F - 71400 Autun

    Built in the 18C, this church was used as a chapel by the former Jesuit school (now the Lycée Bonaparte), which was attended by the colourful Count de Bussy-Rabutin, then Napoleon, Joseph and Lucien Bonaparte.

  • 7 Rue Chauchien

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    Rue Chauchien F - 71400 Autun

    This lofty street is bordered by façades endowed with wrought iron balconies. In the next street, rue Saint-Saulge, n° 24 is occupied by the hotel de Morey (17 C).

  • 8 Gallo-Roman ramparts (Autun)

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    Boulevard des Résistants-Fusillés F - 71400 Autun

    The best section of the Gallo-Roman ramparts is at the top of the rue des Résistants-Fusillés. You can stroll along to the Tower of Ursulines, where you will see a donjon dating from the 12C.

  • 9 Covered passageway, Autun

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    Place du Champ-de-Mars F - 71400 Autun

    Built in the mid-19C this covered passageway looks onto the Place du Champ-de-Mars via a majestic Classical doorway.

  • 10 Town Hall

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    Rue de-Lattre-de-Tassigny F - 71400 Autun

    The Town hall houses a large library, where you will find a large collection of manuscripts and incunabula.

  • 11 Saint-Lazare Fountain

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    Rue Notre-Dame F - 71400 Autun

    Near the cathedral this charming building with cupola and lantern was built in 1543 by the chapter. It is topped with a pelican, which you probably know is the symbol of selflessness - this one is an exact replica (original in Paris, at the Rodin mus..

  • 12 Autun Natural history museum

    Museums and art

    14 rue St-Antoine F - 71400 Autun

    Mineral samples and blocks of coal which preserve the print of plants and animals and evidence the geographical development of the Autun basin. From the Morvan and Burgundy to important geological eras. Burgundy for example has a large collection of ..

  • 13 Autun Roman theatre

    Archaeological and historical sites

    Rue Maladière F - 71400 Autun

    The vestiges of the cavea give us an idea of what this theatre - the biggest in Roman Gaul, with a capacity of up to 20 000 spectators at the time - would have been like when Autun was still called Augustodunum. Nowadays sound and light shows chartin..

  • 14 Marble walk

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    . Promenade des Marbres F - 71400 Autun

    This walk between the trees is named after the cross-piece vestiges. Here you will see a beautiful 17C edifice fronted by a French style garden with a glazed tile roof. This is the old seminary (now a military academy), built by Daniel Gittard, Anne ..

  • 15 Arroux gateway

    Archaeological and historical sites

    Faubourg du Faubourg-d’Arroux F - 71400 Autun

    This is the old Porta Senonica (Gateway of meaning) through which the Agrippa way would have passed, which links Lyon to Boulogne-sur-Mer. Not quite so monumental and not in such good condition as Saint-Andrew's Gateway, Arroux Gateway has the same t..

  • 16 Lapidary Museum

    Museums and art

    10 rue St-Nicolas F - 71400 Autun

    This museum used to be the Chapel of Saint-Nicholas (12C), houses a collection of Gallo-Roman vestiges (fragments of architecture, mosaics, steles and medieval objects (capitals, sarcophaguses). The apse is decorated with a majestic Christ.

  • 17 Temple of Janus

    Archaeological and historical sites

    Faubourg d’Arroux F - 71400 Autun

    This quadrangular tower, built with 24m high walls, only has two remaining wall sections. The tower is in fact the cella of a temple dedicated to a Roman deity. Perhaps Janus.

  • 18 Breakneck Waterfall

    Nature and gardens

    D 287 F - 71400 Autun

    This waterfall is in a pretty location set among trees and rocks. From here, you have views over the Stone of Couhard, which is reached from the car park via a track: this curious-looking pyramid is a funerary monument standing over one of the town's..

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