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Tourist attractions Angers

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  • 1 Apocalypse Tapestry Highly Recommended Highly Recommended Highly Recommended

    Museums and art

    2 promenade du Bout du Monde F - 49000 Angers

    Displayed in Angers Castle, the Apocalypse Tapestry is believed to have been created between 1373 and 1383. Originally 133m long and 6m high, it was composed of 6 sections, each comprising a figure seated on a dais looking onto two cycles of 7 scenes..

  • 2 Angers Castle Highly Recommended Highly Recommended Highly Recommended

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    2 promenade du Bout-du-Monde F - 49100 Angers

    Started in 1231 by Blanche de Castille, regent and mother of St Louis, this is a fine example of medieval architecture, covering 25 000m2 within its ramparts (bordered by a dry moat or the cliff edge) which links 17 towers. In a purpose-built gallery..

  • 3 Adam House Recommended Recommended

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    place Ste-Croix F - 49000 Angers

    Lop-sided and gutted, this 16C house with wood-panels and pillars decorated with many sculpted characters, is believed to take its name from the apple tree which seems to prop up the angled turret and which previously bore two statues of Adam and Eve..

  • 4 Museum of Fine Art Recommended Recommended

    Museums and art

    14 rue du Musée F - 49100 Angers

    The museum has laid out a Histoire d'Angers route which permits visitors to trace the town's development from the Neolithic to the present through its collection of art and archaeology, maps, photographs and portraits (including the cabinet d'arts gr..

  • 5 Jean Lurçat Contemporary Tapestry Museum Recommended Recommended

    Museums and art

    4 boulevard Arago F - 49100 Angers

    A former ward in the old hospital of Saint Jean makes a fine backdrop for Jean Lurçat's 10 Chant du Monde tapestries. Created in 1957, the series illustrates the joys and sorrows of human life and draw upon the experiences of the artist: a monumental..

  • 6 Parc de l'Arboretum, le jardin des collections Interesting

    Nature and gardens

    7 rue du Château-d’Orgemont F - 49000 Angers

    This establishment dedicated to garden innovation lies to the southeast of the centre of Angers. An avenue of oaks leads to the house of its founder, botanist Gaston Allard (1838-1918). The 7 500m2 of grounds around the building are given over to ann..

  • 7 Parc Balzac Interesting

    Nature and gardens

    Promenade Yolande-d’Aragon F - 49000 Angers

    This 50ha-park borders the Front de Maine district of Angers and is divided into sections. The flood plain resembles the Poitevin marshes (willow, ash, alder and poplar trees). Themed areas highlight the gardener's varied lot with lawns, flowering pa..

  • 8 Cathedral of St Maurice Interesting

    Religious buildings

    4 rue St-Christophe F - 49100 Angers

    Despite having been damaged many times in its history, the porch retains some remarkable statues. Inside, note the distinctive Angevin-style vaulting; uncommonly, the vault's central crossing is over 3m higher than the transverse arches. The cathedr..

  • 9 Abbey of Saint Aubin Interesting

    Religious buildings

    Rue St-Aubin F - 49000 Angers

    Largely rebuilt in the 17C and 18C, Saint Aubin's old monastic buildings are now local government offices. On the left of the courtyard, you will see through the bay windows the cloister's beautiful Romanesque gallery with its finely worked sculpture..

  • 10 Church of St Serge Interesting

    Religious buildings

    Place du Chanoine-Bachelot F - 49000 Angers

    The church has huge pillars in its nave (which make it appear deceptively narrow), some gracious grisaille (monochrome) stained-glass windows, and a superb chancel (13C) in the Angevin style, its vaulting of ribbed beams supported by slender columns.

  • 11 Logis Barrault Interesting

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    rue du Musée F - 49000 Angers

    This beautiful late-15C residence was built by Olivier Barrault, the king's secretary, treasurer of the estates of Brittany and mayor of Angers. In the 17C it housed a seminary where Talleyrand studied. It is today the Museum of Fine Art.

  • 12 Former Hospital of St Jean Interesting

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    boulevard Arago F - 49000 Angers

    A huge Angevin-vaulted infirmary dating from 1174; note the old pharmacy with its wooden fittings laden with majolica jars and a sumptuous theriac vase, and the small, incredibly peaceful Romanesque cloister. The perfect setting for the Chant du Mond..

  • 13 La Doutre District Interesting

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    place du Dr-Bichon F - 49000 Angers

    On the far side of the River Maine, this district retains many half-timbered houses, many of which have been restored. Don't miss the house of apothecary Simon Poisson at n°67 rue Beaurepaire, built in 1582 (off place de la Laiterie), and the rue Ton..

  • 14 Gallery of David d'Angers Interesting

    Museums and art

    33 bis rue Toussaint F - 49000 Angers

    In the area surrounding the Gallery, you have a Church whose collapsed arch was replaced by a window. However, the light conspires to bring the statues of David d'Angers magically to life. Browse them at will, passing by the many famous personalities..

  • 15 Espace Air Passion Interesting

    Museums and art

    Angers-Loire-Aéroport F - 49140 Marcé

    Some fifty-odd old aircraft still in flying order are displayed here, including René Garnier's biplane (1908), the autogyro (1930), the Cri-cri air car (1970), the smallest twin-engine plane in the world and the Starck, the ancestor of the microlight..

  • 16 Hôtel Pincé Interesting

    Museums and art

    32 bis rue Lenepveu F - 49000 Angers

    This Renaissance residence now houses the Turpin-de-Crissé Museum, commemorating this local-born artist (1772-1859) and chamberlain to Empress Josephine, who bequeathed to his home town his collections of Greek and Etruscan vases, an Egyptian collect..

  • 17 Hôtel du Croissant

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    rue des Filles-Dieu et St-Aignan F - 49000 Angers

    Maurice was a brave 4C Christian legionary who refused to slay his co-religionists, costing him his life. Canonised thereafter, his crescent symbol appears on the façade of this 14C residence, which was the home of the senior officer of the Knights o..

  • 18 Abbey of Toussaint

    Religious buildings

    37 rue Toussaint F - 49000 Angers

    All that remains of this old abbey is the cloister (which has been turned into a public garden), the classical doorway and the nave (now housing the David d'Angers gallery).

  • 19 Saint-Aubin Tower

    Religious buildings

    rue des Lices F - 49000 Angers

    This 12C belfry serves as a constant reminder of the Benedictine abbey of Saint-Aubain established in the 6C.

  • 20 Place du Ralliement

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    place du Ralliement F - 49000 Angers

    With its busy retail activity, theatre and restaurants, this is very much the throbbing heart of the town.

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