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The Pébeyre Company

The Pébeyre Company

Emmanuelle Jary - 2010-11-30

As you approach the cannery of the Pébeyre Company, the aroma given off may already give you an idea of what is being produced there, and its colour. Perhaps you’ll already be able to visualise its black form, with tiny facets reminiscent of a diamond, of this remarkable mushroom known as the truffle.

Since 1897 the Pébeyre family have been specialists in conserving and selling truffles. They are now the only company in France that is devotes itself exclusively to selling this coveted product. Their motto is “Our art is quality purchasing and our work is the quality preparation of truffles.”   
Available throughout French and foreign markets (especially in Spain and Italy), the Pébeyre firm are dealers who hunt down the finest specimens of truffles which, once they’ve been sorted and brushed to remove any residual soil, are then shipped around the world.
There are twenty truffle varieties which all belong to the same tuber genus. The most widely consumed is the tuber melanosporum, a black truffle appreciated for its aroma and its taste. In France it is considered to be the ‘noblest’ of truffles. The tuber brumale, found on the same terrain during the same season is less sought after; however to an untrained eye they are indistinguishable.  The brumale has more of a tart flavour yet it is the only truffle which has the “melano” rights, as the professionals say. In other words it’s the only mushroom which has the right to the “truffle” appellation on cans of foie gras and other pâtés.
While it’s always best to eat fresh truffles in season, the rest of the year they can be enjoyed from a tin. The juice from the canned truffles is extremely rich in flavour. So whatever you do, do not throw this away as it adds wonderful flavours to all your dishes!   
Maison Pébeyre
66 rue Frédéric Suisse, 46000 Cahors,
05 65 22 24 80. www.pebeyre.fr

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