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Tourist attractions Bordeaux

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  • 8 Musée des Douanes

    Museums and art

    1 pl. de la Bourse F - 33000 Bordeaux

    Located in the Hôtel des Fermes, this museum tells of the story of customs and excise in France. There are two exibitions, one chronological, the other thematic (customs at the movies, in literature and comic books, the daily life and activities of a..

  • 9 Submarine Base

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    bd Alfred-Daney F - 33000 Bordeaux

    An impressive vestige of the Second World War, the submarine base was built from 1941 to 1943 to house the German Navy's 12th Submarine Flotilla. It is now a cultural events centre, hosting temporary art exhibitions. The venue also lends its undergro..

  • 10 Palais Gallien

    Archaeological and historical sites

    r. du Dr-Albert-Barraud F - 33000 Bordeaux

    A few bays and arcades are all that remain of this Roman amphitheatre which, covered with grass and plants, makes for a romantic location. Its wooden seating structure could in its heyday accommodate up to 15 000 spectators.

  • 11 Rue Fernand-Philippart

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    r. Fernand-Philippart F - 33000 Bordeaux

    Leading from place de la Bourse to place du Parlement, this street is lined with Louis XV façades - ground floor arcades, two storeys of tall windows topped with grotesque figures, and balconies embellished with ironwork.

  • 12 Place du Palais

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    pl. du Palais F - 33000 Bordeaux

    Where is the palace this square is named after? It was the Palais de l'Ombrière, where the kings of England stayed and where, from 1642, the Bordeaux Parliament sat. It was demolished in 1800, making way for a street that was naturally named rue du P..

  • 13 Rue de la Rousselle

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    r. de la Rousselle F - 33000 Bordeaux

    In this street, there are long-established shops selling wine, seed or salted fish. Their raised ground floor and lower basement layout is typical. At n°25 stands the house of a former mayor of Bordeaux, Michel de Montaigne.

  • 14 Impasse de la Rue Neuve

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    imp. de la Rue-Neuve F - 33000 Bordeaux

    This no through road retains a 14C wall with twin windows. Beyond the gate is the house of Jeanne de Lartigue (Montesquieu's wife) with arcading surmounted by busts.

  • 15 Tour St-Michel

    Religious buildings

    pl. Canteloup F - 33000 Bordeaux

    Bordeaux's inhabitants are particularly proud of this late-15C clock tower, standing free from the Basilica of Saint-Michel. At 114m in height, it is the tallest clock tower in the South of France.

  • 16 Church of Ste Croix

    Religious buildings

    pl. Pierre-Renaudel F - 33800 Bordeaux

    Built in the 12C-13C (and extensively restored in the 19C), this church has a beautiful façade in the Saintongeais Romanesque style. Note the curious sculptures representing greed and the carved window arches around the central door.

  • 17 Place de la Victoire

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    pl. de la Victoire F - 33000 Bordeaux

    The Aquitaine Gate sits somewhat awkwardly in the middle of place de la Victoire; the numerous bars and cafes here put on regular events such as concerts and themed evenings.

  • 18 Galerie Bordelaise

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    r. Ste-Catherine F - 33000 Bordeaux

    Built in 1833 by Gabriel-Joseph Durand, this covered passage leads from rue Ste-Catherine to the Grand Théâtre.

  • 19 Centre Jean Moulin

    Museums and art

    48 r. Vital-Carles F - 33000 Bordeaux

    Letters, writings, books and radio sets recall the secret world of the Resistance and in particular Jean Moulin. On the first floor, paintings by J-J Morvan themed Nuit et Brouillard recall the Deportation, plus stories about the Free French Forces a..

  • 20 Hôtel de Ville

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    pl. Pey-Berland F - 33000 Bordeaux

    Bordeaux's town hall occupies the episcopal palace built for Archbishop Ferdinand-Maximilien de Mériadeck in the 18C. The internal courtyard is separated from the street by an arcaded portico and opens onto the solemn façade of the palce. There is a ..

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