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Tourist attractions

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Tourist attractions Amiens

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  • 1 Notre-Dame Cathedral Highly Recommended Highly Recommended Highly Recommended

    Religious buildings

    pl. Notre-Dame F - 80000 Amiens

    Begun by Robert de Luzarches in 1220, the cathedral was built very quickly which explains the amazingly balanced architecture of this, the largest Gothic building in France, today classed as a world heritage site by UNESCO. It has a superb façade, th..

  • 2 Musée de Picardie Recommended Recommended

    Museums and art

    48 r. de la République F - 80000 Amiens

    This museum, built from 1855-67, was designed to house a collection of the region's antiques and archaeological finds. It provides information on the Celtic settlement of Samarobriva, as well as displaying medieval artefacts, paintings from the Europ..

  • 3 Hôtel de Berny Interesting

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    36 r. Victor-Hugo F - 80000 Amiens

    Built in 1633, the former Hôtel des Trésoriers is a fine example of the Louis XIII style, with its pink brick decor. Its last owner, Gérard de Berny (1880-1957), undertook the decoration of the residence, which he then bequeathed to the town. Closed ..

  • 4 Marsh gardens Interesting

    Nature and gardens

    54 bd Beauvillé F - 80000 Amiens

    At the heart of Amiens, this unique group of floating market gardens is a privileged resting spot that must be seen by boat along the region's 50km of canals, unless you prefer to take the towpath and see Fagots island and Rivery pond. On the third S..

  • 5 St-Leu quarter Interesting

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    Rue Motte F - 80000 Amiens

    Walking around this quarter intersected by several arms of the Somme, you are fully immersed in the lively and nostalgic atmosphere of the wooden houses, restaurants, and estaminets. It's the ideal place for a stroll along the streets bordered by lit..

  • 6 St.Leu Church

    Religious buildings

    Rue St-Leu F - 80000 Amiens

    This 15C church is marked by a Flamboyant 100 year old bell-tower

  • 7 The Chés Cabotans of Amiens Puppet theatre

    Museums and art

    31 Rue Édouard-David F - 80000 Amiens

    Visiting this theatre you will get to know a bit about famous local characters such as Lafleur and his wife Sandrine... and although you may not understand everything that's said, why not watch one of the shows given in this miniature theatre where t..

  • 8 Madeleine Cemetery

    Religious buildings

    Rue St-Maurice F - 80000 Amiens

    If you are a fan of Jules verne you will almost definitely want to visit the tomb of the author who wrote Two thousand leagues under the sea, and see the eye-catching statue of Albert Roze (1861-1952).

  • 9 Municipal circus

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    pl. Longueville F - 80000 Amiens

    This circus - built by the architect Emile Ricquier, based on the model of the Champs-Elysées circus in Paris, designed by Emile Hittorff - was inaugurated in June 1889 by a chosen councillor, Jules Verne.

  • 10 Zoological park

    Industrial tourism and theme park

    139 espl. de la Hotoie F - 80000 Amiens

    You will be enthralled by all the animals in this park. See the wallaby bush, the wood of wolves, monkey island, penguin rock, the African swamp, the marmoset triangle, the elephant farm and the otter reef.

  • 11 St Pierre urban park

    Nature and gardens

    bd de Beauvillé F - 80000 Amiens

    This park is comprised of shaded paths, and some canals near the marsh gardens. It's a charming urban park.

  • 12 Jules Verne document centre

    Museums and art

    2 r. Charles-Dubois F - 80000 Amiens

    Although originally from Nantes Jules Verne (1828-1905) spent a large part of his life in Amiens, where he wrote his Extraordinary journeys and was even made town councillor. This centre established inside the house he lived in, brings together a con..

  • 13 King's dwelling and Sagitarius house

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    Place Aguesseau F - 80000 Amiens

    The Logis du Roi (1565) whose bracketed door is adorned with a Virgin with Roses, is the headquarters of the Rosati Picards family, whose motto has always remained proudly, «Tradition, Art and Literature». Next door, Sagitarrius house (1593) owes its..

  • 14 Old theatre

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    r. des Trois-Cailloux F - 80000 Amiens

    Built in 1780, this theatre bears a Louis XVI style façade and three enormous windows framed with elegant low-reliefs. A sign of the times - the actors have now been replaced by bankers.

  • 15 Glass Gallery

    Industrial tourism and theme park

    40 r. Victor-Hugo F - 80000 Amiens

    Here a master glassworker demonstrates his craft and shows off his collection of stained-glass windows dating from the 13C.

  • 16 Bailiffs tribunal

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    Passage du baillage F - 80000 Amiens

    All that remains of this building constructed in 1541 is its façade. Eye catching are the bay windows and the Flamboyant gables and medaillons.

  • 17 Belfry

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    pl. au Fil F - 80000 Amiens

    This belfry is made up of a square base (dating from the 15C) and a bell-tower (18C) surmounted by a dome.

  • 18 St-Germain Church

    Religious buildings

    r. Pingre F - 80000 Amiens

    This late Gothic style Church (15C) has a leaning bell tower.

  • 19 St-Acheul archaeology garden

    Archaeological and historical sites

    r. Raymond-Gourdain F - 80000 Amiens

    Saint-Acheul is an important prehistorical site, which has given its name to one of the civilisations of the early paleolithic age, known as the acheuléen, and which was famous for its carved and bifaced flints. A long corridor lined with panels, sho..

  • 20 Tour Perret

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    pl. Alphonse-Fique F - 80000 Amiens

    The 104m-high Perret tower is the symbol of Amiens. It was designed by the architect Auguste Perret (1874-1954).

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