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Chantilly, its Horses, Castles and Walks :

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Chantilly, its Horses, Castles and Walks

Chantilly, its Horses, Castles and Walks

By car, 9 km, 1 day

Chantilly was originally the home of the ''Bottler of France'', the king's foremost sommelier. Later it was remodelled by the Grand Condé into a magical place of luxurious finery, filling the Sun King with envy. Home to some of the greatest figures in France, it witnessed the flowering of the 17C. In the 19C it was turned into a high-level equestrian venue a stone's throw from Paris.

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Living Museum of the Horse   Worth a detour Worth a detour

Museums and art

These stalls dating from the time of the Duke of Aumale are still occupied by horses and ponies. The museum sheds light on the evolution of the horse's place in civilisation by means of old artefacts and documents, as well as interactive terminals and short films; hippology and horse-related occupations (blacksmithing, horse-racing betting) are also featured. The highlight of the tour is the dressage demonstration that ends the visit.


Château de Chantilly   Worth a journey Worth a journey Worth a journey

17 r. Connétable 60500 Chantilly
Architecture, castles and historic districts

Standing in the middle of a lake, this fine building bequeathed to the Institut de France by the Duc d'Aumale, consists of the petit château, highlighting the history of the Condé family, with its apartments decorated with fine wood panelling and works of art; and the grand château, built in the Renaissance style for the Duc d'Aumale, and which houses his eclectic yet impressive art collection; the santuario includes works by Raphael and Gilippino Lippi, as well as miniatures by Jean Fouquet.


Park   Worth a detour Worth a detour

Nature and gardens

Laid out by Le Nôtre for the Great Condé, it dazzled Louis XIV. The Sun King, prone to envy as he was, wished to have the same water feature for himself at Versailles! Even if very little remains of Le Nôtre's hand, as you stroll through, you will see the superb landscaped garden (1820) dotted with "monuments", the Chapelle St Jean, a chapel built by Anne de Montmorency in 1538, a fan-shaped waterfall, the Hamlet (1774), which foreshadowed that at Trianon, the Grand Canal and the Manche.


Chateau of the White Queen  

Les Étangs de Commelles 60580 Coye-la-Forêt
Architecture, castles and historic districts

More than just a Chateau, this is an old mill renovated in the troubadour style for the last Count who used it, in 1825, as a hunting lodge. It owes its name to a legendary castle built by of Blanche of Navarre in 1350. Hundred year-old beech trees embellish the site


Commelles pools  

Route des Etangs de Commelle 60580 Coye-la-Forêt
Nature and gardens

On the banks and causeways separating the areas of water, agreeable walk are possible around these pools that the Chaalis monks have adapted into fish breeding grounds.

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