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Tourist attractions

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Tourist attractions Senlis

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  • 1 Abbaye de Chaalis Recommended Recommended

    Religious buildings

    F - 60300 Fontaine-Chaalis

    For a long time, the Chaalis estate retained a sense of monastic contemplation tinged with romanticism thanks to its royal abbey. Up until 1912, it inspired an enthusiasm in its owners that led to their acquisition of a quite remarkable art collectio..

  • 2 Cathédrale Notre-Dame Recommended Recommended

    Religious buildings

    pl. Notre-Dame F - 60300 Senlis

    Started in 1153, this cathedral was not opened until 1191. The changes made after the fire of 1504 have given the cathedral its present-day look. Admirable features are the spire which crests the building 78m up, the grand doorway, dedicated to the V..

  • 3 Musée d'Art et Archéologie Interesting

    Museums and art

    2 pl. Notre-Dame F - 60300 Senlis

    Here you can see various Gallo-Roman collections, including a bronze socle inscribed to Emperor Claude. In the crypt, there are relics of a house from the early 2C and foundations of a Gallo-Roman wall. There are some beautiful examples of medieval s..

  • 4 Chapelle Royale St-Frambourg Interesting

    Religious buildings

    1 pl. St-Frambourg F - 60300 Senlis

    Founded in 990 by the wife of Hugues Capet, in order to conserve the relics of a solitary from Bas-Maine, Saint Fraim bault or Frambourg. The high church has a unique Gothic nave. In the Archaeological crypt, there are the remnants of a sanctuary dat..

  • 5 Place du Parvis Interesting

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    pl. du Parvis F - 60300 Senlis

    At the foot of the cathedral, there is this little square which is full of provincial charm.

  • 6 King's garden

    Nature and gardens

    r. du Chat-Haret F - 60300 Senlis

    Within a Gallo-Roman surrounding wall where 16 of 28 towers (in different states of repair) remain is this garden. There is an attractive view over the walls and the towers as well as the cathedral

  • 7 St Peter's Church

    Religious buildings

    St-Pierre F - 60300 Senlis

    This Church was deconsecrated at the time of the revolution and is today a centre for Romanesque Gothic and Renaissance culture. It has preserved a small tower to the left from the Romanesque time which is topped by a spire. The Gothic facade is very..

  • 8 Old Episcopal palace of Senlis

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    Place Notre-Dame F - 60300 Senlis

    This architectural collection of 13 to 18C buildings today contains the Museum of Art and Archaeology.

  • 9 Old royal chateau

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    Place du Parvis Notre-Dame F - 60300 Senlis

    This place had already been fortified under the Romans at the time of the Emperor Claudius. The medieval chateau where Hugues Capet was proclaimed King of France in 987 has been taken apart bit by bit to the benefit of more comfortable residences suc..

  • 10 Rue du Châtel

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    Rue du Châtel F - 60300 Senlis

    This was the main road for crossing Senlis until the opening of the Rue Neuve de Paris (Rue de la République in 1753. You can see the old fortified entry of the Chateau and right next door the Hotel of the Three Pots (16C) with its old sculpted ensig..

  • 11 False gate

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    Rue de la Treille F - 60300 Senlis

    You will gain access to this postern gate, a part of the old Gallo-Roman and surrounding wall, along the charming Rue de la Treille. To the left two towers flank the lHôtel de la Chancellerie.

  • 12 Town hall

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    Place Henri IV F - 60300 Senlis

    On the facade of this house rebuilt in 1495 you will surely recognise the bust of Henri IV as well as an inscription recalling the benevolence that the Vert Galant had towards Senlis. The bust and the inscriptions were placed there to welcome Charles..

  • 13 Spahis (Algerian troopers) Museum

    Museums and art

    pl. du Parvis-Notre-Dame F - 60300 Senlis

    Created in 1977, it relates the 150-year history of the North African cavalry corps, who served in the French army, first from 1800-1814 and then again from 1830-1964. It is more particularly devoted to the former Algerian spahis (troopers), goumiers..

  • 14 Hunting museum

    Museums and art

    pl. du Parvis-Notre-Dame (dans l'ancien château royal) F - 60300 Senlis

    Hunting to hounds has inspired many artists: Oudry (1688-1755), Carles Vernet, Rosa Bonheur, Charles Hallo (who founded the museum). On the walls, there are trophies (including the antlers of stags) hunting equipment, hunting knives, cornets... Tally..

  • 15 Old St Vincent's abbey

    Religious buildings

    30 r. de Meaux F - 60300 Senlis

    In this old abbey founded in 1060 by Anne of Kiev (wife of Henri I) you'll see a classic cloister with Doric colonnades.

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