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Tourist attractions

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Tourist attractions Goslar

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  • 1 Altstadt Highly Recommended Highly Recommended Highly Recommended

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    D - 38640 Goslar

    Up until the 16C, Goslar owed its prosperity to its silver and lead mines. Nowadays, the altstadt (old town) features a happy mix of handsome medieval properties and Renaissance buildings which bear witness to the town's former wealth. Half-timbered ..

  • 2 Chamber of Allegiance Recommended Recommended

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    Marktplatz D - 38640 Goslar

    The Hall of Allegiance was converted into a municipal council room in 1450, and magnificently decorated in around 1510. On the walls above the sculpted woodwork can be seen effigies of Roman emperors and Sybils in Renaissance costume. On the ceiling,..

  • 3 Carved half-timbered houses Recommended Recommended

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    Schuhhof D - 38640 Goslar

    The Schuhhof is surrounded by half-timbered houses, some of which are supported by galleries. Note the old inn Am Weissen Schwann and the former Mint in the narrow Münzstrasse. Opposite the Marktkirche, you can see the pointed roof of the Brusttruch,..

  • 4 Harz Recommended Recommended

    Nature and gardens

    D - Goslar

    The mountainous woodland of the Harz rises in the middle of the German-Polish plain. Plentifully supplied with waterways and numerous dams, it has become a reservoir for the surrounding regions. The highest point of the range, the Brocken (1 142m), w..

  • 5 Town Hall Interesting

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    Marktplatz D - 38640 Goslar

    Following medieval custom, the town hall, built during the 15C, has its ground floor entirely taken up with a hall that opens out onto the market place through broken-arch arcades. An outer staircase leads to the first floor and the big reception roo..

  • 6 Grauhof Church Interesting

    Religious buildings

    D - 38640 Goslar

    The Augustinian monks of the Grauhof convent (1527) had this church built by an Italian architect between 1701 and 1717. It has a huge interior, impressive for the highly restrained use of colour. Note the pulpit in the form of a ship, the splendid o..

  • 7 Market Square Interesting

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    Marktplatz D - 38642 Goslar

    The market place is surrounded by houses with slate-covered façades. The Gothic Kaiserworth and town hall are the most impressive buildings. In the centre of the square stands a fountain with large two bronze basins, surmounted by a crowned imperial ..

  • 8 Neuwerk Church, Goslar Interesting

    Religious buildings

    Rosentorstr. D - 38640 Goslar

    This former Cistercian church (12C-13C) lies in the garden of a convent. The high polygonal towers of the façade are among the most elegant ever found in a Romanesque building. The decoration for the apse is especially fine.

  • 9 Church of St Peter and St Paul, Goslar Interesting

    Religious buildings

    Frankenberger Plan D - 38640 Goslar

    This church dates from the 12C. A Baroque lantern was added during the 18C. Inside, note the west gallery with its decorative arcading. On the north and south walls can be found the remains of fine murals dating from the 13C.

  • 10 Goslar Imperial Palace Interesting

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    Kaiserbleek 6 D - 38640 Goslar

    The whole palace (11C), which was remodelled during the 19C, gives an idea of the prestige of imperial power in former times. The Reichssaal contains historical paintings of Goslar. In the adjacent Palatine Chapel of St Ulrich can be found the tomb o..

  • 11 Monks' House Interesting

    Museums and art

    Mönchestr. D - 38640 Goslar

    This Museum of Modern Art occupies an old half-timbered house (1528). It contains works by Beuys, Hundertwasser, Serra and de Kooning, among others. In the garden there are sculptures by Ernst and Rennertz, and an interesting mobile by Calder.

  • 12 Kaiserworth

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    Marktplatz 3 D - 38640 Goslar

    This Gothic building (1494) is decorated by an oriel with towers and Baroque statues of emperors surmounted by baldaquins. Note the Ducat Man on the gable ridge, illustrating Goslar's right to mint coins.

  • 13 Siemens House

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    Schreiberstraße 12 D - 38640 Goslar

    This imposing half-timbered house was built in 1693 by Hans Siemens, ancestor of the founder of the modern firm of the same name. It has a fine entrance hall, which served as a sitting room in summer.

  • 14 Rammelsberg Mine Museum, Goslar

    Industrial tourism and theme park

    Bergtal 19 D - 38640 Goslar

    The mine with its numerous minerals ensured Goslar's prosperity for many centuries (at least 1000 years of exploitation). The various mining facilities can be visited either on foot or using the mine's railway.

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