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  • 1 Epimenidi Street Recommended Recommended

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    GR - 10435 Athína

    This little cobbled street, Epimenidi, leads to a quiet and well-preserved part of the Plaka area, away from the crowds.

  • 2 Greek Agora of Athens Interesting

    Archaeological and historical sites

    GR - 11521 Athína

    Covering an area of around 2.5ha, the Agora - today a field of ruins - was once the heart of ancient Athens. It formed an esplanade, across which the Panathenaic Way ran diagonally, and was surrounded by administrative buildings, temples and colonnad..

  • 3 Propylaia Interesting

    Archaeological and historical sites

    GR - 11742 Athína

    The Propylaea, which served as the entrance to the Acropolis, comprised a central building flanked by two dissymmetrical wings which, from the 12C to 15C, were made into a palace for the bishops and dukes of Athens. If you come out of the Propylaea, ..

  • 4 Odeon of Herod Atticus Interesting

    Archaeological and historical sites

    GR - 11742 Athína

    Completed in 161 BC, this odeon bears the name of a rich Greek administrator of Roman origin who had it built in memory of his wife. The façade with three entrances is typically Roman in style. Originally it had cedar roofing.

  • 5 Pláka Interesting

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    GR - 105 58 Athína

    Plaka is the tourist area in Athens, forming a picturesque web of narrow streets and alleys, little squares and terraces connected by flights of steps. A few small Byzantine churches alternate with old houses with round-tiled roofs and wooden balconi..

  • 6 Tower of the Winds Interesting

    Archaeological and historical sites

    GR - 10558 Athína

    The Tower of the Winds, built under Julius Caesar, owes its name to the eight winged characters, symbolising the dominant winds of Athens, sculpted on its eight sides. Note Boreus, the cold wind, preparing to blow into a conch, and the gentle Zephyr,..

  • 7 Lysicrates' Monument Interesting

    Archaeological and historical sites

    GR - 10558 Athína

    Erected in 334 BC, the Monument of Lysicrates is the only surviving example of the choragic monuments that punctuated the way between the Theatre of Dionysus and the Agora. To the right, the name of the street, "Tripodon", alludes to the br..

  • 8 Hadrian's Arch Interesting

    Archaeological and historical sites

    GR - 105 57 Athína

    A great admirer of Athens and its culture, Hadrian contributed to embellishing the city with numerous buildings. In 131 Athenians honoured him by erecting a kind of triumphal arch, in the Roman style, right at the junction between Athens and the new ..

  • 9 Pandrossou street Interesting

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    GR - 10558 Athína

    This narrow street, congested with busy crowds, looks like a souk, lined with canopied stalls at the edges of which vendors call out to the customers. The shelves are crammed with a variety of objects: babouches, tsaroúhia (clogs with bobbles), carpe..

  • 10 Síndagma Square Interesting

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    Av. Amalias GR - 10563 Athína

    Constitution Square in Athens is dominated by the old royal palace, built for Otto I of Bavaria and which became the parliament in 1935. At the foot of the palace, in front of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, the sentinels of the Guard move like auto..

  • 11 Panepistimiou Street (Eleftétiou Venizelou) Interesting

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    GR - 10682 Athína

    The street Panepistimiou is officially named Eleftheriou Venizelou but nobody calls it that. It is home to a few gems of Greek neo-Classicism: the National Library (1887-1902), the University (1839-1864) and the Academy (1859-1887). It is also where ..

  • 12 Central Market Interesting

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    GR - 10554 Athína

    Athens Central Market, a noisy and colourful affair, is open from Monday to Saturday. Early in the morning, night owls gather in its restaurants to sample the famous patsa, a tripe soup that soothes drinkers' stomachs. Their seats are later taken by ..

  • 13 Keramikós Cemetery Interesting

    Archaeological and historical sites

    148 r. Ermou GR - 118 54 Athína

    Located outside the ancient city, the Kerameikos Cemetery takes its name from the clay (kéramos) used to make the vases and funerary objects that were set out around the deceased. From the 6C BC, in line with the fortune - and vanity - of the dead pe..

  • 14 Athens National Garden Interesting

    Nature and gardens

    GR - 10671 Athína

    A veritable oasis in the heart of Athens, the National Garden is a delightful place for a stroll, with its shade and dense vegetation, small water features and banks of flowers, its attractive specimens of palm trees, orange trees, cypress trees and ..

  • 15 The Pnyx Interesting

    Archaeological and historical sites

    GR - 11851 Athína

    The Pnyx forms an amphitheatre where the People's Assemblies were held, from the 6C-4C BC. This was a democratic meeting of citizens, where famous orators such as Themistocles, Pericles and Demosthenes spoke. In the 4C, participation in the instituti..

  • 16 Hill of the Nymphs Interesting

    Archaeological and historical sites

    Av. Apostalou Pavlou GR - 11851 Athína

    The Hill of the Nymphs is scattered with remains of dwellings. Its name, which is modern, comes from a dedication engraved on a rock. Also enjoy the lovely views of the Parthenon! The observatory, a neoclassical building crowning the hill (104 m), wa..

  • 17 Athens' Museum of Greek Folk Art Interesting

    Museums and art

    17 r. Kidathineon GR - 10558 Athína

    The Museum of Greek Folk Art is home to magnificent collections, dating from the mid-17C to the present day. It provides an oversight of all the traditions of the country and Balkan, Mediteranean and Eastern influences. The embroideries of the Dodeca..

  • 18 Jewish Museum of Greece Interesting

    Museums and art

    39 r. Nikis GR - 10557 Athína

    Here you will find maps showing the locations of Jewish communities in the Roman and Byzantine empires, and the routes taken by Jews expelled from the Iberian peninsular; models and watercolours presenting the costumes worn in the Ottoman empire and ..

  • 19 National Gallery - Alexander Soutzos Museum Interesting

    Museums and art

    1 r. Michalakopoulou GR - 115 28 Athína

    Admire the famous Concert of Angels by El Greco, post-Byzantine Cretan icons, neo-Hellenic painting from its origins, 18C Heptanesian paintings (from the Ionian Islands) and paintings from the 19C representative of the Munich school. Prominently disp..

  • 20 Kolonáki Square Interesting

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    GR - 10675 Athína

    Kolonaki Square is lined by luxury boutiques, restaurants and cafés. The square, named after a small column in the garden, is the centre of the modern and elegant Kolonaki neighbourhood, which meets the slopes of the Lycabetus. Here, the Benaki Museu..

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