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Tourist attractions

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Tourist attractions Budapest

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  • 1 Children's Train Interesting

    Industrial tourism and theme park

    Széchenyi-hegy et Huvösvolgy H - Budapest

    To get to the children's miniature train station (near the television tower), take the train from in front of the Budapest Hotel. This unique attraction is driven by an adult, but all other functions are performed by children aged 10-14, dressed in u..

  • 2 Budapest History Museum Interesting

    Museums and art

    Szent György Tér 2 H - Budapest 1014

    is a way to summarise the contents of this museum. Archaeological, Middle Ages, the modern period (the important monuments from the city's history), the building of the castle are traced back through a series of room exhibiting varied collections: it..

  • 3 Vienna Gate Interesting

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    Bécsi kapu Tér H - Budapest 1014

    Once the second entrance gate to the city, it was rebuilt in 1936 to celebrate the 250th anniversary of the liberation of Buda. A plaque placed on the inside of the door honours the soldiers of different nationalities who gave their lives to free the..

  • 4 Military History Museum Interesting

    Museums and art

    Tóth Árpád Sétány 40 H - Budapest 1014

    A former barracks built in 1830, it is used to house this museum marked by two rows of cannons. Obviously this is where you will find arms, uniforms, decorations, etc. On the ground floor, you can however discover Hungary's role in the missions for g..

  • 5 Promenade of the Ramparts Interesting

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    Tóth Árpád sétány H - Budapest 1014

    The promenade of the Ramparts (Tóth Árpád sétány) spreads from the bastion of Esztergom to the North up to Dísz tér, the square of the Parades, in the South of the quarter of the castle. It follows the walls built in the Middle Ages, overhanging the ..

  • 6 Saint Anne Church Interesting

    Religious buildings

    Batthyány Tér 7 H - Budapest 1011

    It is an elegant Church which dominates Batthyány square with its two identical bell towers. You will make out the allegorical statues of Faith, of Hope and Charity above the doorway and the statue of Saint Anne with Mary in the centre of the façade...

  • 7 Freedom Square Interesting

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    Szabadság Tér H - Budapest 1054

    Built on the site of a former Austrian barracks, this vast square has a certain appeal despite its slightly ostentatious nature. It is fitted between two buildings with majestic façades, attributed to Ignác Alpár: the State Television, former Stock E..

  • 8 Redoubt in Pest Interesting

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    Vigadó Tér 2 H - Budapest 1051

    It is considered to be a remarkable example of Hungarian romanticism. This palace was built between 1859 and 1864 following the plans of Frigyes Feszl and designed to house brilliants ceremonies, concerts, balls, performances. Its first vocation is s..

  • 9 Vörösmarty tér Interesting

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    Vörösmarty Tér H - Budapest 1064

    Located right in the heart of the pedestrian quarter, it is the square where all the tourists pass through at least once. In the centre, a monument to Mihály Vörösmarty, around which, in the Summer, musicians, painters, portrait artists and charicatu..

  • 10 Paris Thoroughfare Interesting

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    Ferenciek tere 5 H - Budapest 1053

    The thoroughfare called Paris forms part the curiosities in Pest, not for its shops, but for its architecture. Byzantine, Moorish or both together or else Venetian or even Art nouveau, a really strange mixture in any case! The name which dates back t..

  • 11 Liszt Ferenc Emlékmúzeum Interesting

    Museums and art

    Vörösmarty Utca 35 H - Budapest 1064

    Three rooms make up the apartment that Franz Liszt lived in for the last five years of his life, when he regularly came to spend the Winter in Budapest. The bedroom was also used as an office. On the desk and in the wardrobe, several personal objects..

  • 12 Ráth György Museum Interesting

    Museums and art

    Városligeti fasor 12 H - Budapest 1068

    A villa in the eclectic style houses this museum entirely dedicated to Indian art and art from the Far East: sculptures, statuettes, jewellery, tapestries. In the part devoted to Japanese art (room 6 and 1st floor), you can admire some beautiful coll..

  • 13 Monument of the Thousandth Anniversary Interesting

    Archaeological and historical sites

    Hosök tere H - Budapest 1068

    As its name says, this monument commemorates one thousand years since the Magyar conquest and it was inaugurated in 1896. This column that is 36 m high and topped by the Archangel Gabriel carrying the Hungarian crown and the apostolic cross and launc..

  • 14 Transport Museum Interesting

    Museums and art

    Városligeti krt. 11 11 H - Budapest 1146

    This museum offers an interesting overview on the development of transportation in Hungary by railway, road, air and rivers. Don't miss a Peugeot from 1898, an Oldsmobile from 1899 (for speed fans: 35 km/h) or a Peugeot convertible from 1901 (30 km/h..

  • 15 Vasarely Museum Interesting

    Museums and art

    Szentlélek Tér 6 H - Budapest 1033

    Victor Vasarely donated to his country of origin several hundred of his works exhibited in this part of the Zichy castle which looks out over Szentlélek tér. The works exhibited (paintings, drawings, tapestries) show the evolution of his art which sy..

  • 16 House of Hungarian Photography Interesting

    Museums and art

    Nagymezö Utca 20 H - Budapest

    The house where the distinguished Hungarian photographer Mai Manó once lived now houses a photography museum in the heart of the theatre district. Temporary photography exhibitions - both Hungarian and foreign - are organised in this beautiful late-1..

  • 17 Serb Church Interesting

    Religious buildings

    Szerb Utca 2-4 H - Budapest

    This 18C Orthodox church testifies to the erstwhile Serb presence in the area. Behind the tall railings and thick ochre walls, the church, surrounded by a wild garden, is a haven of charm and tranquillity.

  • 18 Gresham Palace Interesting

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    Roosevelt Tér 5-6 H - Budapest 1051

    An example of the Art nouveau style in Budapest. Dating back to 1907, it has aged badly but it is still one of the largest buildings in the city. The name is that of a London Insurance Company which bore the name of the founder of the London Stock Ex..

  • 19 The University Church Interesting

    Religious buildings

    Papnövelde Utca 7 H - Budapest 1053

    It is undoubtedly the best appreciated Baroque Church in the city. Originally it formed part of a convent of nuns from the order of Saint Paul, the only religious order founded in Hungary in the 13th Century and abolished in 1782. The outside is very..

  • 20 New Theatre Interesting

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    Paulay Ede Utca 35 H - Budapest

    The New Theatre is a splendid 1990 reconstruction of the highly personal original by Béla Latja (1909). On the façade parapet, nine gilded ceramic angels carry tablets spelling out the name of the theatre. The interior, a fine example of early Art De..

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