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  • 1 Thingvellir Recommended Recommended

    Archaeological and historical sites

    IS - Thingvellir

    Thingvellir forms a cirque lined by cliffs and is located on the rift between the Eurasian and North American continental plates north of Iceland's largest lake. The first parliament, the Althing, was held here in 930. You can see remains of 18C shel..

  • 2 Skogar Folk Museum Recommended Recommended

    Museums and art

    IS - 706 Evindarhólar

    Skogar Folk Museum, one of the finest in the country, is composed of old buildings brought here from all over southern Iceland. This is a real village with a school, a church and a power plant. There's not a doily or doorknob missing in the houses. A..

  • 3 Mývatn Region Recommended Recommended

    Nature and gardens

    IS - Reykjahlidh

    Lake Mývatn is a bird sanctuary at the crossroads of great migratory routes. Its surroundings boast unique landscapes, thrillingly disrupted by its volcanic activity: Hverfjall crater, bubbling mud in Námafjáll and petrified lava at Dimmuborgir.

  • 4 Vatnsnes Peninsula Interesting

    Nature and gardens

    IS - Lækjamót

    The Vatnsnes Peninsula is one of Iceland's many remote landscapes. It's worth the trip, if only for its unreal peacefulness and seal colonies. On its east coast stands Hvitserkur Rock, an extraordinary geological sculpture.

  • 5 Hveravellir Interesting

    Nature and gardens

    IS - Ábær

    Hveravellir, on route 35, is a geothermal site framed spectacularly by the Langjökull and Hofsjökull glaciers. Bubbling hot springs, turquoise waters, geysers and warm natural pools for relaxing your tired muscles. A dream come true! Accessible from ..

  • 6 Eyjafjörður Interesting

    Nature and gardens

    IS - 603 Akureyri

    Eyjafjörður, the longest fjord in northern Iceland, with Hrísey Island in the middle, is located in one of the country's most highly populated regions. But never fear, its banks are as picturesque as ever, particularly on Tröllaskagi, the Trolls' pen..

  • 7 Saga Museum

    Museums and art

    Öskjuhlið IS - Reykjavík

    The Saga Museum retraces the island's history from the 8C to the 18C in 17 scenes "performed" by amazingly realistic silicon figures. It is housed in one of the six aluminium-covered water tanks in the Perlan, a hot water reservoir overlook..

  • 8 Lake Laugarvatn

    Nature and gardens

    IS - 840 Laugarvatn

    Laugarvatn, a large lake with hot springs and a spa of the same name, is a destination enjoyed by both foreigners and locals. Indulge in the pleasures of its relaxing warm baths in the open air, as well as kayaking and boat rides on the lake.

  • 9 Hallormsstaðaskógur Forest

    Nature and gardens

    IS - Valþjofsstaðir

    Iceland has made a big effort at reforestation, using imported trees among others. Hallormsstaðaskógur Forest along Lake Lögurinn is its largest wooded area and is growing even larger due to its nurseries. There's also an arboretum and nice hiking tr..

  • 10 Grímsey Island

    Nature and gardens

    IS - 311 Miðgarðar

    The summer sun never sets on Grímsey, Iceland's northernmost inhabited island, on the Arctic circle. It is a flat, treeless expanse with steep cliffs, but may have some surprises in store for you, such as an occasional visit from a polar bear.

  • 11 Breiðafjörður

    Nature and gardens

    IS - Stadhur

    With its unique biodiversity, spectacular mountain backdrop and constellation of between 2,000 and 3,000 islands, vast Breiðafjörður fjord is well worth the detour. While you're there, check out Flatey Island, inhabited year round, and its charming v..

  • 12 Eyjafjöll

    Nature and gardens

    IS - 706 Evindarhólar

    The whole world learned how to pronounce a difficult name when Eyjafjöll, a volcano in the southern part of the country, awoke in March 2010 after 187 years of inactivity. The eruption created a plume of smoke that paralysed global air traffic. We ma..

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