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Tourist attractions

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Tourist attractions Java

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  • 1 Taman Sari Palace Interesting

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    RI - Yogyakarta

    Taman Sari was the sultans' pleasure palace. Although seriously damaged by an earthquake in 1867, it has retained the old-fashioned charm of a spot devoted to relaxation and meditation. Behind the residence (the water palace, as the Dutch called it),..

  • 2 Batik Museum Interesting

    Museums and art

    13 Jalan Dr.-Sutomo RI - Yogyakarta

    A modest but fascinating private collection that survives as best it can from donations left by the 10 or so visitors each month. Only some of the 400 pieces in the museum's collection are on display (most come from Pekalongan, on the north coast), b..

  • 3 Kota Gede Interesting

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    RI - Yogyakarta

    Nowadays, the first capital of Mataram, founded in 1575 by Panembahan Senopati (whose tomb is greatly venerated by the Javanese), is nothing more than a quiet suburb of Yogyakarta. Yet it has preserved from its golden age a robust silver work traditi..

  • 4 Dieng Plateau Interesting

    Nature and gardens

    RI - Dieng

    Lying at the bottom of a caldera 2 000m above sea level, this marshy plateau is worth visiting to see the scattered vestiges of the kingdom of Sanjaya as well as for the mysterious atmosphere that prevails in the morning mist. Make an early start to ..

  • 5 Candi Kalasan Interesting

    Religious buildings

    RI - Kalasan

    Between Yogyakarta and Prambanan, unbeknownst to tourists lies a string of temples. Near Kalasan stands one of the oldest Buddhist temples in Indonesia (778, although its current guise is thought to date from the 10C). It is dedicated to Tara, a stel..

  • 6 Candi Sambisari Interesting

    Religious buildings

    RI - Kalasan

    Discovered by a peasant in 1966, buried beneath a 6m-thick layer of volcanic ash, Candi Sambisari was only excavated in 1996. It is probably one of the last Shaivite sanctuaries built by the Sanjayas (10C). It is thought that the pillars of the terra..

  • 7 Trowulan Interesting

    Archaeological and historical sites

    RI - Surabaya

    This was once the capital of the greatest Hindu kingdom in Indonesia, the Majapahit kingdom (1294-1478). Given the fragility of the construction materials used (brick and wood), the vestiges now only amount to a few isolated elements, but the inspiri..

  • 8 Trowulan Museum Interesting

    Museums and art

    RI - Surabaya

    Before exploring the site, stop at the Trowulan Museum, which provides an excellent introduction to Majapahit art and civilisation. Statues, pottery, ridge tiles and vases... terracotta has pride of place. The piggy banks are remarkable. Note the exc..

  • 9 Madura Island Interesting

    Nature and gardens

    RI - Sumenep

    Although linked to Surabaya by a 5.4km bridge since 2009, Madura has conserved its distinct character. Here, the volcanic landscape gives way to flat, dry terrain; the population of fishermen, salt-makers and cattle rearers has been traditionally Mus..

  • 10 Lombang Beach Interesting

    Nature and gardens

    RI - Legung

    Lombang Beach boasts a long strip of white sand lined with pine trees and is one of the most beautiful on Madura, all the more so as it is not busy.

  • 11 Candi Singosari Interesting

    Religious buildings

    RI - Malang

    Candi Singosari, built in memory of the last king, Kertanegara (late 13C), is on the route of funerary temples, the last remnants of the Singosari Empire, which preceded the Majapahit Kingdom. Its classical shape is governed by the cardinal points bu..

  • 12 The Slopes of Arjuna Interesting

    Nature and gardens

    RI - Batu

    Mt Arjuna (3 331m), 15km from Malang, is a mountain resort, where, ever since the days of Dutch presence here, people having been coming to enjoy the good air, lush setting and views of the surrounding volcanoes. The site provides an ideal base for f..

  • 13 Candi Penataran Interesting

    Religious buildings

    Nglegok RI - Blitar

    This well-preserved complex of temples is an exquisite example of the art of East Java, and its construction spanned the Singosari and Majapahit dynasties (1200 to mid-15C). As in Bali, certain characteristics are reminiscent of palace architecture, ..

  • 14 Nusa Penida Interesting

    Nature and gardens

    RI - Sampalan

    Although considerably larger than other islands in the archipelago, Nusa Penida remains unspoilt by tourism. A road (4x4) tours this mountainous island. To the east it has fine beaches but swimming is limited by seaweed farming: the Karangsari cave h..

  • 15 Mount Kawi Interesting

    Religious buildings

    RI - Sumberurip

    The canyon bottom is reached by steps. The luxuriant valley of the River Pekerisan is the location of one of Bali's most ancient archaeological treasures: surprising 8m-high niches carved into the rock, each housing a funerary temple. Four are sited ..

  • 16 Ujung Water Palace Interesting

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    Jl. Teuku Umar RI - Amlapura

    To the left of the road stand several buildings overlooking a body of water. The sumptuous Ujung Palace was built by Karangasem's last king in 1921. Badly damaged in the 1963 Agung eruption and then by the 1979 earthquake, it has recently been restor..

  • 17 Jakarta Port Interesting

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    Quai de Sunda Kelapa RI - Jakarta

    A line of pinisi is moored along the quayside of Sunda Kelapa, which used to be a stopping point on the Spice Route: wood arrives from Sumatra and Kalimantan on these traditional slim-bowed sailing ships in an array of colours. The unloading of the c..

  • 18 Jakarta Maritime Museum Interesting

    Museums and art

    Jalan Pasar Ikan RI - Jakarta

    Housed in a former spice warehouse dating from the 18C, the Maritime Museum has fine collections of praos and canoes, and a selection of the countless types of boats that have sailed the seas around the archipelago over the centuries. An annexe of th..

  • 19 Jakarta History Museum Interesting

    Museums and art

    Jl. Taman Fatahillah RI - Jakarta

    The town hall from colonial times, a neo-Classical building (1707), also housed a handful of prison cells and a courthouse. It has now been converted into this musem, where you can take in the architecture and austere Protestant furniture, as well as..

  • 20 Sea World Interesting

    Industrial tourism and theme park

    Parc d'Ancol RI - Jakarta

    Sea World boasts an exciting variety of aquatic species, from crocodiles, piranhas and coffer-fish to morays, sharks, turtles, stingrays and giant sea spiders from Japan. The main pool, which has a Plexiglas tunnel, contains no less than 5 000 fish!

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