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Tourist attractions

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Tourist attractions Bologna

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  • 1 Main Square and Neptune Square Highly Recommended Highly Recommended Highly Recommended

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    Piazza Maggiore e del Nettuno I - 40124 Bologna

    Side by side (or you could say, the two parts of a single big square shaped like a square), they represent the prestigious monumental center of the red city. Here you will find City Hall, the Palace of the Magistrate, Saint Petrone Cathedral, the Pal..

  • 2 Fountain of Neptune Recommended Recommended

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    Piazza Navona I - 40124 Bologna

    Neptune, colossus in majesty, rolls his muscular chest under the attentive gaze of the enamoured sirens who press their breasts forward frenetically, as water spurts out of them. This fountain is as powerful and graceful as the city itself knows how ..

  • 3 Saint Petrone's Basilica Recommended Recommended

    Religious buildings

    Piazza Galvani 5 I - 40124 Bologna

    No one was in a rush to build this basilica dedicated to the local patron: construction began in 1390 according to a plan by Antonio di Vincenzo, and wasn't completed until the 17th C., when they finally built the vaults! The facade is remarkable for..

  • 4 National Art Gallery Recommended Recommended

    Museums and art

    Via delle Belle Arti 56 I - 40126 Bologna

    This museum presents a complete panoramic vies of the Bolognese school, whose big names were the three Carracci cousins who, reacting against Mannerism, founded the School of the Incamminati and which influenced local painters for a long time. Guido ..

  • 5 Palace of the Archigymnasium Recommended Recommended

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    Piazza Galvani 1 I - 40124 Bologna

    This 16th C. palace houses a library containing more than 10 000 manuscripts and an anatomy amphitheatre that was built in the 17th and 18th C.

  • 6 Square of the Gate of Ravenna Recommended Recommended

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    Piazza di Porta Ravegnana I - 40126 Bologna

    Two tall towers, that of the Asinelli, and that of Garisenda, which leans dangerously, and at No. 1, the Renaissance style House of the cloth manufacturers. This square offers a remarkable architectural ensemble. In the adjoining square, the Merchant..

  • 7 Leaning towers Recommended Recommended

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    Piazza di Porta Ravegnana I - 40126 Bologna

    These tall towers belonging to the nobility are reminders of the fights that once opposed enemy families, the Guelphs and the Ghibellines, against each other. The tallest one, of the Asinelli family, dates from 1109 and is almost 100 m high: 486 step..

  • 8 City Hall Interesting

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    Piazza Maggiore I - 40124 Bologna

    A facade that is composed of buildings dating from the 13th C. (on the left) to the 15th C. (on the right) and in the center a large portal topped by a statue of Pope Gregory XIII, and a charming statue of Virgin and Child by Niccolo dell'Arca on the..

  • 9 Palace of the Magistrate (Podestà) Interesting

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    Piazza Maggiore e del Nettuno I - 40124 Bologna

    Its Renaissance facade looks out onto piazza Maggiore, on the ground floor level has arcades separated by Corinthian columns, and topped by a balustrade. On the upper floor the façade is decorated with pilasters and an attic with oculi. It is easy to..

  • 10 Municipal Archaeological Museum Interesting

    Museums and art

    Via dell' Archiginnasio 2 I - 40124 Bologna

    It has some very nice collections that are partially from the Necropolis of Verucchio, near Rimini, a major center of Villanovan culture in Emilia: rich funerary furniture and the askos Benacci, which was probably a container for ointments and perfum..

  • 11 Grand Street Interesting

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    Str. Maggiore I - 40124 Bologna

    This elegant street starts at the Piazza di Porta Ravegnina and is lined with many elegant mansions, such as the one at No. 19, the Isolani mansion, with its wooden portico, a rare example of 13th C. housing.

  • 12 St-Stefano Interesting

    Religious buildings

    Via Santo Stefano 24 I - 40125 Bologna

    In this square lined with Renaissance palaces, you will come across the church of the Crucifix, an old Lombard cathedral, before moving on to the polygonal church of the Holy Sepulchre; the church of Saint Vitale and Agricola (8th to 11th C.) is on t..

  • 13 Church of Saint Dominic Interesting

    Religious buildings

    Piazza San Domenico 13 I - 40124 Bologna

    Saint Dominic de Guzman is buried here in an admirable sarcophagus by Nicola Pisano, while the crowning with the statues is a later work by Niccolo da Bari (also known as dell'Arca) finished by Michelangelo in 1494. Bas reliefs by Pisano, illustrate ..

  • 14 Church of Saint Francis Interesting

    Religious buildings

    Piazza San Francesco I - 40121 Bologna

    Erected in the 13th C., this church is one of the most beautiful examples of the Gothic style in Italy. Notice the three magnificent arches of the glossers, and the remarkable apsidal group. Inside is an altarpiece made of marble by the Venetian scul..

  • 15 Morandi Museum Interesting

    Museums and art

    Via Don Minzoni 14 I - 40124 Bologna

    Housed inside City Hall, it has a rich collection of works by Giorgio Morandi (1890-1964), the painter from Bologna whose work includes well thought out still-life paintings, and landscapes that are et measured and geometric, revealing Cezanne's infl..

  • 16 Bevilacqua Palace Interesting

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    Via D'Azeglio I - 40123 Bologna

    This beautiful Renaissance building ornamented with bossages was built in the Florentine style introduced to Bologna by the Magistrate Giovanni II Bentivoglio.

  • 17 San Giacomo Maggiore

    Religious buildings

    Via Zamboni I - 40126 Bologna

    Founded in 1267 and embellished with a Renaissance gallery, the church houses the splendid Bentivoglio chapel, decorated in part by Lorenzo Costa, from Ferrara, and dedicated to the glory of this Renaissance family which held the destiny of the city ..

  • 18 Industrial Art Museum and Davia Bargellini Gallery

    Museums and art

    Str. Maggiore 44 I - 40124 Bologna

    In a beautiful palace from 1658, "industrial art" collections (in other words, applied and decorative arts) and paintings from the 14th to the 18th C.

  • 19 Church of Holy Mary of the Servi

    Religious buildings

    Strada Maggiore 43 I - 40124 Bologna

    A beautiful portico with four Renaissance arches, a beautiful apsidal whole, and between these two, a magnificent Majesty by Giotto's teacher, Cimabue (v. 1240-v. 1302).

  • 20 Municipal Museum of the Middle Ages

    Museums and art

    Via Manzoni 4 I - 40121 Bologna

    Housed in the beautiful Fava-Ghisilardi Palace (15th C.), this museum evokes the development of urban art from the Middle Ages to the beginning of the Renaissance: arks of the glossers of the University, a statue of Pope Boniface VIII by Manno Bandin..

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