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Saint Mark’s Square and its treasures

Saint Mark’s Square and its treasures

Pedestrian, 1 km, 1 day

Famous the world over, the area in and around Piazza San Marco is a concentration of mythical and compelling Venetian monuments that are just impossible to ignore. Get there early, to avoid the crowds!

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Saint Mark's Basilica   Worth a journey Worth a journey Worth a journey

Piazza S. - Marco 30124 Venezia
Religious buildings

If the facade of Saint Mark's Basilica is superb, the interior will leave you in awe with its mosaics on golden backgrounds that cover the walls, cupolas, and illuminate this oriental looking basilica! If you want to see them more closely, you will have to the gallery from which get a panoramic view of the interior of the Basilica, you will see the magnificently alive bronze horses and will be able to access the balcony from which you will have a spectacular view of Piazza San Marco.


Procuratie Vecchie  

Piazza S. - Marco 30124 Venezia
Architecture, castles and historic districts

The noble arcades of the old Palace of the Magistrates line Piazza San Marco on the farther side from the lagoon. After the buildings were destroyed by fire in 1512, they were rebuilt by Bartolomeo Bon, Guglielmo Grigi and finished by Sansovino. Crowned by a crenellated design similar to that of the Doge's Palace, they consist of a portico with 50 arcades and two storeys of loggias in the Venetian Byzantine style.


New Palace of the Magistrates  

Piazza S. - Marco 30124 Venezia
Architecture, castles and historic districts

This second seat of Venice's Procurators, or Magistrates, whose facade occupies the entire south side of Piazza San Marco (where Caffe Florian is) replaced the Orseolo Hospice. Built according to a project by Scamozzi, the Palace was built by Longhena during the first half of the 17th C. and took on the role of Royal Palace under Napoleon.


Piazza San Marco   Worth a journey Worth a journey Worth a journey

Piazza S. - Maco 30124 Venezia
Architecture, castles and historic districts

This extraordinary architectural ensemble is the very embodiment of Venice. Everything here is graceful and beautiful, albeit teeming with pigeons and tourists. This vast trapezoidal space is harmoniously framed by the Procuratie, under the arcades of which are cafés like Florian (1720) and Quadri (1775), and boutiques. The square opens onto the Grand Canal across the lovely Piazzetta.

A coffee break is a must in one of prestigious establishments located near Piazza San Marco: Caffè Florian, Caffè Quadri or Harry's Bar, a noted favourite of Hemingway’s.

Saint Mark's Library   Interesting

Piazzetta S. - Marco 30124 Venezia
Museums and art

Also known as the Old Library and Sansovino Library, it was built by Sansovino across from the Palace of the Doges, starting from 1537. It is the first example of Classical architecture in Venice. A majestic staircase whose decoration symbolized the ascent of Man towards Wisdom, leads to Sansovino Hall with a ceiling decorated with grotesques on a gold background.


Museo Correr   Worth a detour Worth a detour

p.za S. - Marco 52 30132 Venezia
Museums and art

Enthralling and dense, this museum recounts the history of Venice, both the long period of the Doges and that of the Risorgimento: objects and works of art evoke its maritime commerce, artisanal crafts, games and festivities, and the daily life of Venetians. The art gallery has a collection that includes works by Paolo and Lorenzo Veneziano, Bartolomeo Vivarini, Giovanni Bellini et Vittore Carpaccio. Note also the fine selection of Flemish art.


Doge's Palace   Worth a journey Worth a journey Worth a journey

Piazzetta S. - Marco 30124 Venezia
Architecture, castles and historic districts

Unmissable, this amazing palace reveals Venice's entire history, both the public history of its doges and the more secret, tragic one of an uncompromising Republic. On the brighter side are the sumptuous ducal apartments with a visit culminating with the extraordinary Hall of the Great Council. On the darker side are the sinister prisons accessible via the Bridge of Sighs and the secret itineraries tour that unveils the hidden face of the Venetian Republic.


Piazzetta San Marco  

Piazzetta S. - Marco 30124 Venezia
Architecture, castles and historic districts

Lying between the Doge's Palace and the Sansovino Library, this extension of Piazza San Marco opens out onto the lagoon. It is adorned by a sumptuous pair of granite columns (brought from the east in 1172 but of uncertain origin) atop which stand St Theodore and the lion of St Mark. The latter, seen by the locals as symbolising their evangelist, has a chimera-like quality. In addition to the Doge's Palace and Sansovino Library, the Piazzetta is overlooked by the campanile.

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