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Tourist attractions

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Tourist attractions Venice

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  • 1 Ca' Foscari Interesting

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    Calle Foscari I - 30126 Venezia

    The current seat of the university is a Gothic building (with a few Renaissance details that was the new tendency at the time) built in the middle of the 15C for doge Francesco Foscari at the mouth of the rio with the same name. From the vaporetto yo..

  • 2 Ca' Dario Interesting

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    Calle S. - Cristoforo I - 30123 Venezia

    An extremely elegant facade made with polychrome marble: on the right bank of the Grand Canal, this little 15C palace is truly a jewel... though apparently somewhat poisonous, as its various owners seem to have had a tendency to die a violent death!

  • 3 Scuola Grande dei Carmini Interesting

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    Campo S. - Margherita I - 30123 Venezia

    The two façades of the "scuola", one facing Campo Santa Margherita, the other the Campo dei Carmini, were designed by Longhena (1598-1682). Inside is a series of paintings by Tiepolo executed between 1739 and 1744. The hall of the hospice, ..

  • 4 La Fenice Theatre Interesting

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    Campo San Fantin I - 30124 Venezia

    This understated square has since 1792 been the site of one of the world's leading opera houses. Burnt down in 1996, its two façades and entrances (one giving directly onto a canal) are again standing. Whilst updating the theatre (recital and chamber..

  • 5 Church of Saint Ethan Interesting

    Religious buildings

    Campo S. - Stefano I - 30141 Venezia

    The leaning bell tower, that was victim to a landslide, like many other towers in Venice, is not the only attraction at this Gothic church: a beautiful portal (15th C.) by Bartolomeo Bon, leads to the three naves covered by an exposed underframe shap..

  • 6 Bovolo Staircase Interesting

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    Calle Contarini del Bovolo I - 30124 Venezia

    A "bovolo" is a spiral, a good name for this half-Renaissance, half-Gothic staircase, which, in a tiny courtyard, flanks Contarini del Bovolo Palace, and leads to the loggias of the home. This structure is full of grace and lightness and is..

  • 7 Church of San Giacomo dell'Orio Interesting

    Religious buildings

    Campo San Giacomo dall’Orio I - 30135 Venezia

    Rebuilt in the 12C, this church has a remarkable wooden coffered ceiling reminiscent of the keel of a boat, and a number of excellent works of art, including: The Miracle of the Loaves and Fishes by Palma the Younger (1548-1628). The same artist pain..

  • 8 Church of the Redeemer Interesting

    Religious buildings

    Fondamenta S. - Giacomo I - 30133 Venezia

    It involves a vow pronounced in 1576 by the doge Alvise Mocenigo, to erect a church dedicated to the Redeemer if the city was freed from the plague. What was said was done, and Palladio (1508-80) built this church with a Classical facade, leading to ..

  • 9 Commercial streets (Haberdashery Street) Interesting

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    Merceria dell'Orolgio I - 30124 Venezia

    These streets (including Haberdashery St. Clock St., Saint Julian St. and Street of the Savior) stretching from the Rialto to Saint Mark, make up the oldest commercial area in Venice. This area never hardly ever slows down, and the shops are busy, wh..

  • 10 Saint Mark's Library Interesting

    Museums and art

    Piazzetta S. - Marco I - 30124 Venezia

    Also known as the Old Library and Sansovino Library, it was built by Sansovino across from the Palace of the Doges, starting from 1537. It is the first example of Classical architecture in Venice. A majestic staircase whose decoration symbolized the ..

  • 11 Clock Tower Interesting

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    Piazza S. - Marco I - 30124 Venezia

    Dressed in lamb skins, the men bang their mallets against a large bell every hour given to us by God. They are the two Moors of the Clock Tower with the imposing sun dial... In front of the Virgin and Child, on Ascension Day, there is a parade of mec..

  • 12 Church of San Pietro di Castello Interesting

    Religious buildings

    Campo S. - Pietro I - 30122 Venezia

    On the unassuming little island of San Pietro at the far end of the city, this is one of Venice's oldest places of worship. Rebuilt in the 17C to designs by Andrea Palladio (1508-1580), its façade resembles that of Il Redentore. The well-proportioned..

  • 13 Church of Saint George the Greater Interesting

    Religious buildings

    Isola S. - Giorgio Maggiore I - 30124 Venezia

    Begun by Palladio in 1566, this church enjoys a beautiful luminosity that outlines the vault of the nave and the transept with a dome and apses. Jacopo Bassano, Tintoretto and his son Domenico, Gerolamo and Giuseppe Campagna all contributed to its de..

  • 14 Querini Stampalia Foundation Interesting

    Museums and art

    Santa Maria Formosa I - 30123 Venezia

    Established in 1868 by Count Giovanni Querini Stampalia, the foundation has a library, temporary exhibition space, an auditorium and a museum. Retaining its 17C-18C ambience, the residential part has a collection of Venetian pictures from the 14C to ..

  • 15 Scuola Grande di San Marco Interesting

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    Campo di S.S. - Giovanni e Paolo I - 30122 Venezia

    The square is enlivened by the façade of the Scuola Grande di San Marco (today the vestibule of the city hospital), a fine example of trompe l'oeil, a decorative contrivance drawing the viewer's attention to the ornamental richness of the building wi..

  • 16 Church of Santa Maria dei Miracoli Interesting

    Religious buildings

    Campiello dei Miracoli I - 30131 Venezia

    Its sophisticated architectural design and splendid polychrome marble decoration indicate that this church draws inspiration from 15C Tuscan examples. Built by Pietro Lombardo between 1481 and 1489, it is one of the earliest and best examples of Rena..

  • 17 Jesuit Church Interesting

    Religious buildings

    Campo dei Gesuiti I - 30131 Venezia

    This church stands far away from everything, on a peaceful and quiet Campo. Its Baroque white marble facade decorated with many statues will attract your attention. You will probably be surprised by its original and rich decor, a true tapestry of gre..

  • 18 Museum of Glass Artwork Interesting

    Industrial tourism and theme park

    I - 30141 Venezia

    The museum is dedicated to Murano's glassblowing tradition. The collection ranges from the 15C to the present day; visits to workshops of master craftsmen.

  • 19 Island of Saint Lazarus of the Armenians Interesting

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    Isola S. - Lazzaro degli Armeni I - 30100 Venezia

    Very close to the Lido, this little island (once a leper camp) was given in the 18th C. to the Armenians, kicked out by the Turks, who founded a convent that was a central point of diffusion of Armenian culture. Unless you want to emulate Byron and s..

  • 20 Arsenale Interesting

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    Riva C'a di Dio I - 30122 Venezia

    Venice's first arsenal was already in existence by 1104 when the Crusades meant huge demand for shipbuilding. Surrrounded by towered walls and canals, the Arsenale has two main entrances, both oriented towards the rio (canal) of the same name. In thi..

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