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Leaving for Japan

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Know before you go

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Know before you go

Useful addresses

United kingdom

Japanese Tourist Office – 5th Floor - 12 Nicholas Lane - London EC4N 7BN - t 0207 398 5678 - www.seejapan.co.uk

Embassy of Japan – 101-104 Piccadilly - London W1J 7JT - t 0207 465 6500 - www.uk.emb-japan.go.jp

Republic of Ireland

Japan does not have a tourist office in Ireland but travellers can consult its website - www.seejapan.co.uk

Embassy of Japan – Nutley Building - Merrion Centre - Nutley Lane - Dublin 4 - t 01 202 8300 - www.ie.emb-japan.go.jp

When to go

Spring (March-May) and autumn (September-November) are the best times to visit Japan, when the weather is mild, temperatures constant and the countryside and parks stunning.

Despite the humid head and incessant rains in summer, you will still be able to enjoy the beaches and/or go trekking to Hokkaido and the centre of Honshu.

In winter, snow can make getting around difficult, but skiing is popular as is diving in the Okinawa archipelago; what’s more rates are cheaper in many regions.

Time difference

The time in Japan is GMT+9, so when it is 12noon in London and Dublin, it is either 8pm (summer) or 9pm (winter).


A valid passport. No visa is required for stays of less than three months.


Also see Practical A to Z.

Recommended vaccinations: DT-polio.

Travel insurance is advisable (automatically provided by some bank cards).


www.seejapan.org.uk – Tourist board of Japan.

www.jpf.org.uk – Japan Foundation.

www.jnto.go.jp – Japan National Tourism Organisation.

www.web-japan.org – Presentation of Japan by the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

www.japanonline.com – Articles and forums.

www.japan-guide.com – Excellent travel guide.

www.photojapan.com – Superb photo site.

www.clickjapan.org – Information about Japan.

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