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Tourist attractions

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Tourist attractions Madagascar

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  • 1 Antananarivo Markets Recommended Recommended

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    MDG - Antananarivo

    Andravoahangy market, the largest in Antananarivo, has an authentic atmosphere and sells a range of craft products, while the popular Petite Vitesse market, which runs alongside an old railway track, specialises in food produce. The colourful Analake..

  • 2 The Seven Lakes of Ifanato Recommended Recommended

    Nature and gardens

    MDG - Ifanato

    Take a 4x4 or quad-bike excursion from Toliara along the Onilahy River through a forest inhabited by lemurs to the Seven Lakes, situated just beyond Ifanato. At this point the waters pour into waterfalls from lake to lake above the river.

  • 3 Ambodiatafana Natural SwimmingPool Recommended Recommended

    Nature and gardens

    MDG - Ambodiatafana

    The Piscine Naturelle d'Ambodiatafana is an unusual natural seawater pool formed by a wall of jagged black rocks. On the northeastern coast of the delightful Sainte-Marie Island lies a fine sandy beach lined with palm trees and lapped by the turquois..

  • 4 Mananara-Nord National Park Recommended Recommended

    Nature and gardens

    MDG - Mananara Avatra

    The home of the aye-aye, the famous nocturnal lemur, Mananara-Nord National Park comprises a marine park (Nosy Atafana) and a land area of 23 000ha covered with dense tropical rainforest. The park boasts some exceptional flora and fauna, including se..

  • 5 Nosy Atafana Marine Park Recommended Recommended

    Nature and gardens

    MDG - face au village de Sahasoa

    With its three small islands, the Nosy Atafana marine park extends over an area of 10km2 on Madagascar's northeast coast. This international biosphere reserve is home to numerous rare species of coral, fish and algae. Enjoy superb diving around the c..

  • 6 Avenue de l'Indépendance Interesting

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    Avenue de l'Indépendance MDG - Antananarivo

    Heading away from Soarano's railway station, this main thoroughfare in the heart of the lower town of Antananarivo recalls the period of French colonisation, with its fine arcaded buildings. Regenerated in the late 1990s, the Avenue de l'Indépendance..

  • 7 Andafiararatra Palace Interesting

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    MDG - Antananarivo

    The impressive Andafiararatra Palace was built in 1872 for the Prime Minister, Rainilaiarivony. Having served as a barracks, court house, fine arts school and then an official residence, it is now home to the art collections of the Rova (royal object..

  • 8 Ankaratra Mountains Interesting

    Nature and gardens

    MDG - Ambatolampy

    Volcanic in origin, this large mountain range with its uneven relief lies on a north-south axis, extending for over 100km between Antananarivo and Antsirabe, culminating in the Tsiafajavona peak (2 643m). The Ankaratra range offers visitors a large c..

  • 9 Bara region Interesting

    Nature and gardens

    MDG - Ihosy

    An area of transition between the bush and the Highlands, this wild, semi-desert region is dotted with grassland, baobab trees and termite mounds. Visitors who love vast open spaces will be entranced by this area occupied by the Bara, an ethnic group..

  • 10 Androy region Interesting

    Nature and gardens

    MDG - Tuléar

    Antandroy farmer-shepherds live in this poor region characterised by its dry soil. Between cactus, euphoria and Barbary figs, they raise zebu, build sumptuous tombs and sing the praises of the ancestors of the Androy, the "land of the thorns&quo..

  • 11 Berenty Private Reserve Interesting

    Nature and gardens

    MDG - Amboasary

    The award-winning Berenty Reserve, owned by the Heaulme family, has numerous attractions. Well organised and professionally run, this oasis of greenery is home to a staggering number of lemurs, as well as the interesting museum of Androy art and trad..

  • 12 Andohahela National Park Interesting

    Nature and gardens

    MDG - Entre Tuléar et Amboasary

    Nestled between waterfalls and the Anosyennes mountains, the Andohahela National Park protects three ecosystems resulting from the improbable meeting of the coast and the country's most southerly region, the Grand Sud. The collared brown lemur (Eulem..

  • 13 Lake Ihotry Interesting

    Nature and gardens

    MDG - Belo-sur-Mer

    Located 30km from the Mozambique Channel in the Masikoro region, the Ihotry salt lake is home to over 100 species of birds, including pink flamingos, ibis and cormorants. Several species of lemur, such as the ring-tailed lemur and Verreau's Sifaka, h..

  • 14 Sakalava necropolis of the Menabe region Interesting

    Religious buildings

    MDG - Morondova

    The erotic statuary of these tombs is the perfect incarnation of this tribe's founding myth. According to Sakalava beliefs, each individual is a future ancestor and as a result a visit to the necropoli of the Menabe region is an edifying experience. ..

  • 15 Kirindy Forestry Reserve Interesting

    Nature and gardens

    MDG - Morondava

    Managed for many years by a Swiss organisation, this forest is protected from fires and illegal logging. Kirindy Reserve has a vast array of plants with a variety of medicinal uses, and is a refuge for animals such as mongoose, giant rats, tortoises,..

  • 16 Red Cirque Interesting

    Nature and gardens

    MDG - Mahajanga

    Located close to the Grand Pavois beach, the appropriately named Red Cirque (Cirque Rouge) is an eroded sedimentary rock formation renowned for the varied colours of its ravines. The strata of its vertical walls cover the full spectrum of red: terrac..

  • 17 Anjohibe Caves Interesting

    Nature and gardens

    MDG - Anjohibe

    The two caves at Anjohibe, which were developed by colonists, lie 40m under the Mahabo limestone plateau and extend for more than 7km. The collections of speleothems (deposits) in the underground galleries and chambers are fantastic. A good guide and..

  • 18 Lemurs' Park Interesting

    Industrial tourism and theme park

    MDG - Katsaoka

    If you're unable to go hiking in the natural reserves, then why not head to this park just 25km from the Madagascan capital? Dedicated to Madagascar's emblem, Lemurs' Park is home to half a dozen different species, which roam free in the botanical ga..

  • 19 Soavoanio Coconut Plantation Interesting

    Industrial tourism and theme park

    MDG - Sambava

    In addition to vanilla and coffee, Sambava also specialises in coconuts, as can be seen at the Soavoanio coconut plantation, one of the largest in the world. The plantation extends across almost 4 800ha of land, spread out over 60km on both sides of ..

  • 20 Lake Anosy Interesting

    Nature and gardens

    MDG - Antananarivo

    Fringed with jacaranda trees, the purple flowers of which blossom in November, is the man-made Lake Anosy. On the small island at the centre is a tall monument, the Black Angel, which commemorates the Madagascan soldiers who died in the First World W..

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