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Tourist attractions

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Tourist attractions Mali

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  • 1 Dogon Country Highly Recommended Highly Recommended Highly Recommended

    Nature and gardens

    RMM - Bandiagara

    A hike around Dogon Country will rank among the key moment of your trip to Mali. The rites observed by this mythical civilisation that lives in the Cliffs of Bandiagara fascinate visitors in search of authenticity. Magnificent panoramas and villages...

  • 2 Great Mosque of Djenné Highly Recommended Highly Recommended Highly Recommended

    Religious buildings

    RMM - Djenné

    Like a giant sandcastle with a multitude of towers and pilasters, the Great Mosque of Djenné stands on a vast esplanade. Dating from the 13C, it is one of the largest mudbrick buildings in the world. Rebuilt exactly according to the original in 1906,..

  • 3 Djingareyber Mosque, Timbuktu Recommended Recommended

    Religious buildings

    RMM - Tombouctou

    Majestic and imposing, Timbuktu's Djingareyber Mosque stretches skyward. This fine mudbrick edifice guards its secrets behind buttresses and heavy doors studded with nails, although visits are allowed (except during prayer times). Currently undergoin..

  • 4 Markets of Bamako Interesting

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    RMM - Bamako

    If you want to sound out the capital, going around the markets is a good place to start. Those interested in medicinal plants should head to Marché Médine; others might prefer to wander about the stalls of the bustling Grand Marché or the pearl shops..

  • 5 Maison des Artisans Interesting

    Industrial tourism and theme park

    Bd du Peuple RMM - Bamako

    Discover a wealth of Malian crafts at the Maison des Artisans, a veritable souk where all the country's trades are represented in an array of handcrafted wares. The craftsmen will be happy to show you the different traditional techniques. Good qualit..

  • 6 Tomb of Askia Interesting

    Religious buildings

    Bd des Askia. Quartier de Gaweye RMM - Gao

    Made up of a 17m-high pyramid-shaped tomb and a mosque, the Tomb of Askia, named after the founder of the third Songhai dynasty, was built in 1495. A fine building bristling with twisted pieces of wood bearing witness to past splendour. Superb view f..

  • 7 Fort de Médine Interesting

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    RMM - Médine

    The Fort de Médine, built in 1855 by Louis Faidherbe, then governor of the territory, is testament to France's colonial presence in Sudan. The current restoration work on this rectangular structure with two surrounding walls is financed by France. No..

  • 8 National Museum, Bamako

    Museums and art

    Route de Koulouba RMM - Bamako

    The National Museum in Bamako is a fine showcase for a rich collection of earthenware pieces, statuettes, boubous, tapestries, masks and funerary objects. One of the finest ethnographic museums in West Africa, it was renovated and extended in 2003. F..

  • 9 Boucle du Baoulé National Park

    Nature and gardens

    RMM - Kita

    Wild and authentic, the Boucle du Baoulé National Park occupies more than 750 000ha, reaching from Siby to Kita. It encompasses the gamut of West Africa's varied ecosystems and you can hope to see giraffes, monkeys, antelopes and, more rarely, wild c..

  • 10 Woroni Falls

    Nature and gardens

    RMM - Loulouni

    The Chutes de Woroni plunge from some 20m up onto a bed of rocks, where they form natural pools which lie against a fabulous green backdrop. The freshness and serenity of the site make this an ideal spot for a picnic and a swim. Also a popular venue ..

  • 11 River Niger

    Nature and gardens

    RMM - Ségou

    The interminably winding River Niger courses through Mali over a distance of 1 600km. It boasts prodigious plant and wildlife in the interior delta, remarkable earth architecture in the historical towns of the valley, as well as a spectacular, lively..

  • 12 Ségou Koro

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    RMM - Ségou

    Ségou Koro, Ségou's old town, with its red mudbrick houses, is a must-see, especially the home of the village chief, which has been restored. Wander about the shady little streets down to the banks of the Niger and admire the views of the fishermen a..

  • 13 Lake Debo

    Nature and gardens

    RMM - Youvarou

    You may be lucky enough to see the thousands of migratory birds that spend the winter on Lake Débo, a little inland sea on the edge of the Sahara. Bivouac on the dune and set off again at the crack of dawn. Quite simply magical...

  • 14 Koima Dune

    Nature and gardens

    RMM - Gao

    Legend has it that sorcerers and soothsayers still gather on Koima Hondo. This pink dune makes for an enchanting vision at sunset, the first in a series stretching along the Niger as far as Timbuktu. From its summit, two immense views are juxtaposed:..

  • 15 Mt Hombori

    Nature and gardens

    RMM - Hombori

    Even if only experienced climbers should attempt to tackle Mt Hombori, the highest point in Mali, it is worth the trip to the area to admire the inselbergs scattered about this sandy plain. Linger in the stone villages perched here and there, barely ..

  • 16 Musée de Fombori

    Museums and art

    RMM - Fombori

    The Fombori Museum is an innovative museum near Douentza. The local people bring items here to be put on temporary display in exchange for money loans, making for a unique collection in this museum-cum-bank. The attendant will escort you to the impre..

  • 17 Gouina Falls

    Nature and gardens

    RMM - Diamou

    Powerful, untamed... The Chutes de Gouina, 500m wide, plunge down in a multitude of waterfalls. Vegetation and wildlife abound in this wild region of West Africa. You can bivouac here, which is bound to be an unforgettable experience. It is recommend..

  • 18 Bafing National Park

    Nature and gardens

    RMM - Kouroukoto

    Although difficult to reach, Bafing National Park, located in Mali Vert ("Green Mali"), remains a natural site well worth exploring. Come and see lions, buffalos, antelopes, crocodiles and hippopotamuses in a setting of lush green vegetatio..

  • 19 Muso Kunda Museum

    Museums and art

    Quartier Korofina RMM - Bamako

    You can find out about the way of life of women living in Mali by visiting Muso Kunda Museum in Bamako, the only museum in the country dedicated to women. Exhibition of traditional and contemporary everyday objects, costumes, jewellery and fabrics. F..

  • 20 Musée du Sahel, Gao

    Museums and art

    Quartier Sosso Koira RMM - Gao

    The Museum of the Sahel is a little ethnographic museum dedicated to Songhai culture, which remains relatively unknown. Everyday objects found at local archaeological sites, reconstructed settlements, musical instruments, pearl jewellery... Informati..

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