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Tourist attractions

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Tourist attractions Mauritius, Rodrigues

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  • 1 La Vanille - Réserve des Mascareignes Interesting

    Nature and gardens

    MS - Souillac

    The Réserve des Mascareignes is a 6ha tropical park where you stroll among bamboo, palm trees and orchids while exploring the fauna of the Mascareignes and Africa, including Nile crocodiles, Central American iguanas, green lizards, giant Seychelles t..

  • 2 Île aux Bénitiers Interesting

    Nature and gardens

    MS - Chemin Grenier

    Île aux Bénitiers, north of Morne Brabant, is fringed with coconut trees and white sand and inhabited by a few fishermen. It offers heavenly swimming with a breathtaking view of le Morne and the island's jagged peaks. Excursions are organised by the ..

  • 3 Crique de Baladirou Interesting

    Nature and gardens

    MS - Port Mathurin

    After the end of the road at Grand Baie, east of Port Mathurin, you can continue on foot (20 min) to Baladirou Cove, a charming sandy beach surrounded by rocks.

  • 4 Caverne Patate Interesting

    Nature and gardens

    MS - Ferney

    A natural cleft provides access to the cold, damp tunnel that leads to the cave, about 100m underground. The stalagmites and stalactites, sculpted by time, are lit up, projecting dragons, lions, buddhas and other strange silhouettes onto the coral wa..

  • 5 Carrière de corail Interesting

    Industrial tourism and theme park

    MS - Ferney

    After Caverne Patate cave, follow the road leading down to the sea until you reach a trail (on the right) that gives onto a former coral quarry, closed in 2002. Large blocks of coral were sawed off the rocks here, cut into bricks and used as economic..

  • 6 Réserve naturelle de Grande Montagne Interesting

    Nature and gardens

    Grande Montagne. Route de Pointe Coton MS - Port Mathurin

    Past the visitor's centre, with some rare Rodriguan plants on display, you enter this vast park (30ha, part of it designated a nature reserve) that is striving to promote the regrowth of primary forest. For a really interesting tour, it is best to ha..

  • 7 Île Hermitage Interesting

    Nature and gardens

    MS - Ferney

    According to popular legend, a treasure is said to be buried on Hermitage Island, on a spot off its southern coast from which there is a fine view of Rodrigues. A 25-minute crossing from Port Sud-Est.

  • 8 Natural History Museum of Port Louis

    Museums and art

    Poudrière St. MS - Port Louis

    The dodo, symbol of Mauritius, was a sort of large pigeon that couldn't fly due to atrophied wings and went extinct by the 17C. You can see a reconstruction of one here, perhaps justifying a visit to the Natural History Museum, although its collectio..

  • 9 Les villes du centre

    Nature and gardens

    MS - Rose Hill

    The old royal road, which crossed the island from east to west and was doubled by a railway line in the 19C, contributed to the development of the central plateau that became a place of refuge for islanders when malaria struck Port Louis and the coas..

  • 10 Domaine des Aubineaux

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    Royal Road MS - Curepipe

    This superb colonial home built in 1872 belongs to the Guimbeau family who run the Bois Chéri tea business. Its twelve rooms decorated with period furniture are open to the public. The dining room giving onto the façade verandah is undoubtedly the mo..

  • 11 Casela Nature and Leisure Park

    Industrial tourism and theme park

    Route Royale MS - Cascavelle

    The park contains over 10ha mainly devoted to exotic birds (about 1 500 including parrots, cockatoos, sacred ibises) in large aviaries scattered throughout the tropical vegetation. It also boasts big cats, giant tortoises and ostriches that can be se..

  • 12 Port Mathurin Market

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    Fisherman Lane MS - Port Mathurin

    For a lively experience, check out the covered market near the harbour (on Wednesdays and, better yet, on Saturdays from 4am). Rodriguans hurry here before daybreak, sometimes coming on foot from far away, to buy colourful fruits and vegetables, rare..

  • 13 The Résidence

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    Rue de la Solidarité MS - Port Mathurin

    The Résidence, the finest edifice in town, stands near the harbour and the new administrative buildings. This pretty whitewood colonial house with a green roof was built in 1873 and was the home of the island's governors until the early 20C. Today it..

  • 14 Mauritius Pride

    Industrial tourism and theme park

    MS - Port Mathurin

    The Mauritius Pride is a spectacle unto itself, and its arrival at -or departure from- Port Mathurin is an attraction that one never tires of. Three or four times a month this cargo ship unloads goods from Mauritius, indispensable to the inhabitants ..

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