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Tourist attractions

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Tourist attractions Rotterdam

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  • 1 Musée Chabot

    Museums and art

    Museumpark 11 NL - 3015 CB Rotterdam

    This villa was built in 1938 by G.W. Baas and K. Stokla. Its austere and functional style, and the materials and techniques used (glass, steel, flat roof, white-washed walls) are representative of Nieuwe Bouwen, an architectural movement of the 20s, ..

  • 2 Kunsthal

    Museums and art

    Museumpark-Westzeedijk 341 NL - 3015 AA Rotterdam

    This building, built by Rem Koolhaas, contains exhibitions on art, architecture and design from non-european countries. The exhibition halls are grouped around the ramp linking the park to the dyke. On the park side the facade is of glass and travert..

  • 3 Musée de la nature

    Museums and art

    Museumpark-Westzeedijk 345 NL - 3015 AA Rotterdam

    The new glass structure of the Natuurmuseum stands to the left of the Kunsthal. Amongst the numerous curiosities in this museum of natural history, can be found the impressive 15 m skeleton of a sperm whale.

  • 4 Pathé cinema

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    Schouwburgplein NL - 3011 EA Rotterdam

    This very unseal cinema shows 70 mm films on a screen that is 23 m high by 17 m wide. In contrast to the domed screen at the Hague's Omniversum, the IMAX screen here is slightly convex. The sound, on six different channels, makes the shows additional..

  • 5 Station Blaak

    Museums and art

    NL - 3011 TA Rotterdam

    Built between 1983 and1993, this Metro and railway station is the work of H. Reijnders. Its enormous roof is covered in colourful neon lights.

  • 6 Leuvehaven

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    NL - 3011 Rotterdam

    Leuvehaven is Rotterdam's oldest sea port. To the north there is very striking statue by Zadkine, dating from 1953. The sculpture For a devastated city shows a man whose heart has been torn out. It symbolises Rotterdam's martyrdom to the bombing of 1..

  • 7 Kralingse Bos and Kralingse Plas

    Nature and gardens

    NL - 3002 AP Rotterdam

    Kralingse Bos is a wood encircling a large lake: Kralingse Plas. To the north of the lake can be seen two charming mills. One of them, De Ster, is an old spice mill dating from 1740 and rebuilt in 1969. Here the manufacture of snuff tobacco can still..

  • 8 Short Boat Excursion

    Nature and gardens

    NL - 3011 XT Rotterdam

    This fine excursion is an exploration of the port and its numerous activities, as well as the mouth of the Maas/Meuse. Embarcation is at Leuvehoofd. The boat descends the river to Eemhaven. It steers west along the right bank then turns around to sta..

  • 9 Long Boat Excursion

    Nature and gardens

    Willemsplein 85 NL - 3011 XT Rotterdam

    This long boat excursion goes as far as Botlek. It is very entertaining and allows for close contact with the activities on which the wealth of Rotterdam is founded: river and maritime trade. Along the route numerous vessels of every type are encount..

  • 10 Europoort

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    NL - 3053 JR Rotterdam

    The enormous installations of Europoort, built between 1958 and 1975, cover 3600 hectares, occupying the left bank of the Nieuwe Waterweg. Europoort also extends to the west onto Maasvlakte (the Maas/Meuse plain), where the installations date from 19..

  • 11 Botlektunnel

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    Bunschotenweg NL - 3089 KB Rotterdam

    This tunnel, dug under the Oude Maas (Old Maas/Meuse) to supplement an older bridge, was opened in 1980. It is 500 m long and descends to a depth of 21 m below the sea-bed.

  • 12 Rozenburg

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    Postbus 6633 NL - 3002 AP Rotterdam

    On the right bank of the river, the Het Scheur, are Maassluis group of industries. Near the Rozenburg church the De Hoop (Hope) windmill is visible. Along the Noordzeeweg road (between the Nieuwe Waterweg and the Calandkanaal) can be seen unloading p..

  • 13 Brielse Meer

    Nature and gardens

    NL - 3081 Rotterdam

    This lake is part of the recreational area to the south of Hartelkanaal. Brielse Meer was created from an old arm of the Maas/Meuse: the Brielse Maas. It is reserved for pleasure-boats and some fine vessels sail on it, making an attractive scene.

  • 14 Dintelhavenbrug

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    Europaweg NL - 3198 NL Rotterdam

    Dintelhavenbrug is the bridge across the Dintelhaven (minerals port) access canal. From the bridge ferries can be seen in the Beneluxhaven, the departure port for England (Kingston-upon-Hull), and the view extends to the Hoek van Holland.

  • 15 Oostvoornse Meer

    Nature and gardens

    NL - 3233 Rotterdam

    This basin was created by the closure of the Brielse Gat (1965), and is now given over to bathing, surfing and wind-surfing. It is very busy on Sundays in the summer and will appeal to adults and children alike.

  • 16 Maas / Meuse Plain (Maasvlakte)

    Nature and gardens

    N2 NL - 3151 Rotterdam

    Thanks to some sandy ground reclaimed from the North Sea (about 1200 hectares), the port of Rotterdam was able to carry out essential expansion. A tanker terminal has been built here on the 8th Petroleumhaven. There are numerous additional installati..

  • 17 Lijnbaan

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    Lijnbaan NL - 3012 EL Rotterdam

    This is the main street in a shopping district created by Van den Broek and Bakema in 1951-1953 and 1962-1966. Flower-filled beds brighten up the pedestrian passageways. Protected from rain by the awnings above the shop windows, it is pleasant to str..

  • 18 Church of St Lawrence (Grote of St-Laurenskerk)

    Religious buildings

    Grotekerplein 15 NL - 3011 GC Rotterdam

    This gothic church, with its truncated tower set into the nave, was completed in 1646. Destroyed in May 1940, then restored, St Laurenskerk has been returned to its original state, including all the gothic tracery at the east end. The broad-naved int..

  • 19 Netherlands Institute of Architecture

    Museums and art

    Museumpark 25 NL - 3015 CB Rotterdam

    The Netherlands Institute of Architecture, or NAI, is the work of Dutchman Jo Coenen, a well-known figure in international contemporary architecture. The building is made up of four sections, each one with a different and distinct role and style. An ..

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