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Megalithic Monuments Route

Megalithic Monuments Route

By car, 61 km, 1 day

If you see the word "hunebedden" on several road signs, then you'll know you're on the right track! Nearly all of these rows of dolmens, some of them over 5000 years old, are located in Drenthe, a province full of pretty farms in the northern Netherlands. Like at Stonehenge, people are still not sure how these huge irregular slabs were transported from the Hondsrug Hills ("dog's back" in Dutch).

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Hunebedden (prehistoric grave markers)  

D17/D18 9451 Rolde
Archaeological and historical sites

Two hunebedden (prehistoric funerary monuments) are found in a wood. One of them is covered with seven slabs. The two monuments have an entrance to the south.


A hunebed (prehistoric grave marker)  

D 13 9463 Eext
Archaeological and historical sites

This hunebed (prehistoric grave marker) has retained its original appearance. Located in an excavation at the top of a knoll, it consists of a square of tightly fitted stones and still has one of the flat flagstones that formed part of the roof. Two more widely separated stones mark the entrance, situated to the east, contrary to the normal custom.


Hunebed D 14  

D 14 9461 Gieten
Archaeological and historical sites

Hunebed D 14 (a prehistoric grave marker), which can be seen shortly after the road branches to the right, is topped by six tables. You can still see some of the stones that used to encircle it.


Nationaal Hunebedden Infocentrum  

Naibronnacesstraat 12 9531TR Borger
Museums and art

This visitor centre is dedicated to the hunebedden (prehistoric funerary monuments) and to prehistoric life. Fairly close to the visitors centre stands the largest of all the hunebedden, the hunebed of Borger (D 27). It is surrounded by trees and surmounted by nine enormous funerary stones. Its southern entrance is clearly visible.


Hunebed D 45   Interesting

D 45 7811AM Emmen
Archaeological and historical sites

Built on a on a mound in the middle of the forest, this remarkable hunebed (prehistoric grave marker), a burial passage with six enormous tables, is circled by dressed stones. The beauty of this arrangement attracts many painters.


Hunebedden D 50-51  

Rte de Zweeloo 7841 Noord-Sleen
Archaeological and historical sites

These two hunebeds are the pride of Noordsleen. The D51, on the left, is a small covered alley topped by three slabs (four of them have disappeared). Further on on the right, the D50, shaded by the huge oaktree growing in its centre, is better preserved. Five tables are still in place there as well as the oval crown of standing stones. To the south, the pillars at the entrance are still visible though worn.

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