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Tourist attractions

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Tourist attractions Coimbra

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  • 1 The Joanina Library Recommended Recommended

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    Palácio dos Grilos. Rua da Ilha P - Coimbra

    Built by Juan V in 1724, and composed of three huge rooms, with furniture in rare woods and sumptuous giltwood Baroque decoration. Chinoiserie mtifs are painted onto the surfaces, the colour different for each room: green, red or gold. The trompe-l'o..

  • 2 Sé Nova Recommended Recommended

    Religious buildings

    L.go da Sé Nova P - 3001 Coimbra

    The "new cathedral", built from 1598, was part of the college of Jesuits of the "Eleven Thousand Virgins" until the disappearance of the order in 1759. Its façade has two levels, one on top of the other. Note the four alcoves of t..

  • 3 Museu Nacional Machado de Castro Recommended Recommended

    Museums and art

    Largo Dr José Rodrigues P - 3001 Coimbra

    This museum occupying the former Episcopal palace (modified in the 16C) is named after the sculptor Machado de Castro, who was born in Coimbra in 1731. The Renaissance porch opens onto a patio-courtyard, and on the west side, a loggia by Philippe Ter..

  • 4 Universidade Velha Recommended Recommended

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    R. du Dr-Guilherme-Moreira P - 3001 Coimbra

    The old university occupies the buildings of the former royal palace that were restored and appointed to become the "Paço dos Estudos" in 1540. It has a superb library containing 30 000 books and 5 000 manuscripts referenced by subject. The..

  • 5 Sé Velha Recommended Recommended

    Religious buildings

    R. dos Coutinhos P - 3001 Coimbra

    King Afonso Henriques decided to build this former cathedral at a time when Coimbra was situated on the border between the Christian and Muslim world. This explains its fortress-like appearance, crowned with merlons. This, Portugal's first cathedral,..

  • 6 Santa Casa Misericordia Museum Interesting

    Museums and art

    Rua de Sobre Ripas 49 49 P - Coimbra

    Inaugurated in the year 2000 to mark 500 years of the Santa Casa Miseicordia (a charitable religious institution), objects relating to the confraternity are displayed in the entrance lobby and first two rooms. Note the Renaissance and 18C majolica ti..

  • 7 Monastery of Santa Cruz Interesting

    Religious buildings

    Praça 8 de Maio P - Coimbra

    Built in the 16C on the site of a 12C convent, this monastery is preceded by an imposing Renaissance portal by Nicolas Chanterene and Diogo de Castilho (1520). The church has a Manueline ceiling and walls decorated with azulejos representing the life..

  • 8 Old town and University Interesting

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    R. de Ilha P - 3001 Coimbra

    The old town is situated on the hill of the Alcaçova. Access to the town is gained via a maze of narrow picturesque streets - some of which are punctuated with aptly named staircases such as Quebra-Costas.

  • 9 Da Sereia gardens or de Santa Cruz Park

    Nature and gardens

    Praça da Republica P - 3001 Coimbra

    To access this beautiful romantic 18C garden, you need to pass between two towers surmounted by arches, carved with moss and plant designs. A staircase, embellished with benches covered in azulejos, leads to a grotto-shaped fountain decorated with st..

  • 10 São Tiago Church

    Religious buildings

    Praça do Coméricio P - 3001 Coimbra

    This small Romanesque church looks onto the centre of the lower town's shopping district - the large praça do Comercio... note the beautiful capitals decorating its portals.

  • 11 Botanic gardens

    Nature and gardens

    Praça da Republica P - 3001 Coimbra

    This outdoor botanical garden, created in the 18C within the framework of the Pombal reformations, contains a large variety of rare trees.

  • 12 Penedo da Saudade

    Nature and gardens

    R. Marnoco e Sousa P - 3001 Coimbra

    This floral, wooded park, situated near the botanical garden, is a nice place for a walk. It offers views over the Mondego Valley.

  • 13 Convento de Celas

    Religious buildings

    R. Manso Preto P - 3001 Coimbra

    This former Bernadine convent dates from the 12C and was modified in the 16C. Notice the church, with its star-shaped vault. The sacristy accommodates a retable by Jean de Rouen (16C), and the Romanesque style cloister from the 13C, with some Gothic ..

  • 14 Convent of Santa Clara a Velha

    Religious buildings

    R. das Parreiras P - 3001 Coimbra

    This church, where the remains of Inés Castro rested before being transferred to Alcobaça, has been gradually reduced to a state of ruin by the Mondego sands. Recent excavations have found foundations of its cloister, nave and chancel.

  • 15 Miradouro do Vale do Inferno

    Nature and gardens

    Rte de Vale do Inferno P - 3001 Coimbra

    From this belvedere, there is a lovely view over Coimbra.

  • 16 Porta Almedina

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    R. Ferreira Borges P - 3001 Coimbra

    This town's port, which has an Arabic name (medina in Arabic means town), is surmounted by a tower which is decorated with a Virgin and Child between two coats of arms. This is one of the last relics of the medieval surrounding wall.

  • 17 Paço Sub-Ripas

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    R. de Sub-Ripas P - 3001 Coimbra

    This is a Manueline style townhouse, built in the early 16C. The road crosses beneath a wing of the Casa do Arco.

  • 18 Torre Anto

    Industrial tourism and theme park

    R. Sobre Ribas P - 3001 Coimbra

    This tower of the medieval surrounding wall accommodates the Coimbra regional craft centre.

  • 19 Casa Museu Bissaya-Barreto

    Museums and art

    R. da Infantaria 23 P - 3001 Coimbra

    Preserving its original decor, this is the former house of the surgeon Professor Bissaya-Barreto (1886-1974), Salazar's deputy and friend. It was built in 1925 in the late-Baroque style and is surrounded by statues and azulejos. The interior reflects..

  • 20 Convento Santa Clara-a-Nova

    Religious buildings

    R. Santa Isabel P - 3001 Coimbra

    The Baroque church of this vast convent accommodates the 17C silver tomb of Queen Isabel. You will notice a statue of the Queen by Teixeira Lopes. Behind the railings you can also see the Queen's early tomb, which was made of Ança stone in the 14C, b..

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