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Tourist attractions

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Tourist attractions Réunion

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  • 1 Saint-Pierre's Covered Market Interesting

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    15 rue Victor-Le-Vigoureux F - 97410 St-Pierre

    Rue Victor Le Vigoureux takes you to this covered market with its spices exuding their intoxicating scents and various kinds of Malagasy handicrafts at very good prices.

  • 2 Grande Anse Interesting

    Nature and gardens

    F - 97429 Petite-Île

    Of course, the beach at Grande-Anse, 10km south of Saint-Pierre, is very appealing with its white sand, its filao trees and the rugged beauty of Piton de Grande Anse. But swimming in the turbulent waters frequented by sharks is extremely risky. If in..

  • 3 Remparts River Interesting

    Nature and gardens

    F - 97418 Bourg-Murat

    The broad riverbed and deep valley carved out by the Remparts River, a refuge for runaway slaves in the 18C, invites you on a magnificent hike dotted with spectacular views. A trail goes up the canyon dug out by the river to the hamlet of Roche-Plate..

  • 4 Le Serré and Grand Coude Interesting

    Nature and gardens

    F - 97480 Grand-Coude

    By taking the D 33 from Saint-Joseph, you will come to the Belvédère du Serré, a crest around 60m wide offering an impressive view over Saint-Joseph's two lovely rivers: the Remparts and the Langevin. A little further along the road is Grand Coude, a..

  • 5 Langevin River Interesting

    Nature and gardens

    F - 97480 Saint-Joseph

    Shaded by tall litchi and avocado trees, the road winds along the Langevin River, whose many pools of cool water are the perfect spot for an invigorating break. At Grand-Galet, the great waterfall is the only sound disturbing the peace and quiet arou..

  • 6 Souffleur d'Arbonne Interesting

    Nature and gardens

    F - 97442 Le Baril

    Pull over next to the screw pines about 500m after Le Baril, to the right of the RN 2, to observe this blowhole (proceed with caution) and its strange, braided lava. During heavy swells the sea rushes into the cavity and spews up in an awesome roar.

  • 7 Mare-Longue Botanical Trail Interesting

    Nature and gardens

    F - 97442 Mare-Longue

    Departing from Mare Longue, three waymarked trails offer a pleasant walk in the Hauts de Saint-Philippe. The nicest trail snakes through a beautiful primary forest, whose trees, some of which are several hundred years old, have colonised the successi..

  • 8 Anse des Cascades Interesting

    Nature and gardens

    F - 97439 Bois-Blanc

    Up the southeast slope a little past Bois-Blanc, the road opens onto a superb park with cabbage palms. The falls tumbling down the basalt cliffs are only fed during heavy rains. This shady site, always airy and cool, is nonetheless quite attractive w..

  • 9 Rivière de l'Est Suspension Bridge Interesting

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    F - 97439 La Rivière de l'Est

    Several cataclysms have swept away successive bridges built over the Rivière de l'Est, one of Réunion's most tumultuous rivers. The (19C) suspension bridge, which can be crossed on foot, towers 50m above the river bed (the RN 2 goes over a more recen..

  • 10 Church of Sainte-Anne Interesting

    Religious buildings

    F - 97437 Ste-Anne

    The village is known for its strange church, rebuilt by Father Daubenberger, which was used as the setting for a scene in François Truffaut's film Mississippi Mermaid. From 1926 to 1950, with the help of his parishioners, children from his catechism ..

  • 11 Takamaka Interesting

    Nature and gardens

    F - 97470 Saint-Benoit

    At the end of the D53 road you come to an awe-inspiring untamed site - what is left of the former Cirque de Bébour, now filled in. Marsouins River gorge looms into view with its dizzying falls and jagged peaks rising from the thick, damp vegetation. ..

  • 12 Provanille Cooperative Interesting

    Industrial tourism and theme park

    21 route nationale 2 F - 97412 Bras-Panon

    The cooperative was created in about 1950 to reduce the producers' operation and distribution costs. It makes high-quality Bourbon brand vanilla and controls 75 % of the island's production. Following an introductory film the guide explains the long ..

  • 13 Waterfalls at Rivière des Roches Interesting

    Nature and gardens

    F - 97412 Bras-Panon

    If you're looking for somewhere refreshing and oozing natural beauty, head for the two waterfalls on the Rivière des Roches. First there's the bassin de la Paix and its 10m falls, which you reach via steps hewn out of the rock. Then after a 30min wal..

  • 14 Roulof Vanilla Interesting

    Industrial tourism and theme park

    470 chemin Deschanets F - 97440 St-André

    This family-run workshop produces two tons of green vanilla per year. The tour takes you around the estate and its 12 000 plants, some grown modern-style in greenhouses and others in the traditional way under trees. You can also learn how flowers are..

  • 15 Bois-Rouge Sugar Factory Interesting

    Industrial tourism and theme park

    2 chemin Bois-Rouge (N 2 sortie Sucrerie de Bois-Rouge) F - 97440 St-André

    Two tours are offered at this still-active industrial site: a fascinating one at the Bois-Rouge Sugar Factory explaining how sugar is made and the effervescence surrounding it, particularly during the sugar season (from July to december); and another..

  • 16 Niagara Waterfall Interesting

    Nature and gardens

    F - 97441 Ste-Suzanne

    Niagara waterfall flows through an enchanting setting and is often featured in publications boasting the island's charms. It is a favourite Sunday picnic spot for islanders. There are less crowded pools if you follow the trail to the top of the cliff..

  • 17 Grand Étang Interesting

    Nature and gardens

    F - Plaine des Palmistes

    This lake, surrounded by ramparts covered in exuberant vegetation, was created by an earthquake, and its water level changes with the seasons. Tropical trees, guavas and rose apples (whose pinkish-yellow fruit has a delicious taste of roses) adorn th..

  • 18 Kiosque du Grand Bord Interesting

    Nature and gardens

    F - 97433 Mare-à-Vieille-Place

    At the end of Mare-à-Vieille-Place village, stop at the Kiosque du Grand Bord, where you can admire the huge Plaine des Fougères rampart closing off the Cirque to the north. The peaks continue all the way to La Roche Écrite, towering above this majes..

  • 19 Bras Rouge Waterfall Interesting

    Nature and gardens

    F - 97413 Cilaos

    A pleasant flower-lined track once used by porters leads to the former spa baths, demolished further to rock slides. The track then continues to the scenic Bras Rouge waterfall (it is dangerous to swim here). Follow the GR R2 from the Maison du Touri..

  • 20 Saint-Paul Market Interesting

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    F - 97460 Saint-Paul

    Every Friday and Saturday morning the island's most pleasant market is held on the seafront lined with coconut palms and filao trees. Hawkers sell the fruits and vegetables from their land, mysterious herbs and spices presented at their stalls and Ma..

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