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Practical A to Z

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Practical A to Z

Eating out

For a taste of authentic local dishes and flavours, eat with the locals whenever possible.

Opening times

Restaurants are open from 12noon (at the earliest) to 11pm.


Always check your bill (nota de plată) to avoid any overcharging, relatively frequent in tourist regions.


Tipping is not a national tradition, but nothing prevents you from rewarding pleasant service.


The voltage is 220V and sockets are for standard European two-pin plugs.

Embassies and consulates

British Embassy – 24 Jules Michelet - 010463 Bucharest - t 021 201 7200 - http://ukinromania.fco.gov.uk

Irish Embassy – 50-52 Buzesti St - Floor 3 - Sector 1 - 011015 Bucharest - t 021 310 2131/141 - http://www.embassyofireland.ro/

Getting around

By maxi-taxi

Quick and cheap, this is the most popular means of transport. They leave from bus stations and improvised terminals on supermarket car parks and areas of wasteland. Routes are indicated on the windscreen.

By ferry

Several ferries go up and down and from one side to another of the Danube Delta and its three branches.


Also see Know before you go.


Turista, the bane of many tourists, is diarrhoea of varying degrees of seriousness. After walking in the woods, check for any possible ticks. Romania has been affected by avian influenza, so it is advisable to avoid poultry markets.

Food and water

Drink bottled rather than tap water. It is advisable not to eat raw, undercooked produce or industrial cooked meats. Steer clear of mici (or mititei), popular summer BBQ meat, which is also often undercooked.


T - 112.



The Romanian currency is the leu (“lion”), plural lei, subdivided into 100 bani.

Banks / Exchange

Banks are generally open Monday-Friday 8.30/9am-3/5pm, and occasionally on Saturday. Money can be changed in the major banks.

Credit cards

ATMs are widespread. It is advisable to use bank ATMs, for greater safety.

Traveller’s cheques

Rarely accepted outside the main towns. In theory, banks accept them, but often at a high commission rate.

Average budget

Allow between Euros30 and 60 per day and per person for a comfortable guesthouse, restaurant meals, a few nights out and a few days car rental.


Post offices are generally open Monday-Friday from 8am-8pm, Saturday 8am -12noon. Opening hours are often more restricted in villages.

Public holidays

1 and 2 January – New Year

April-May – Easter, two days including Easter Monday

1 May – Labour Day

15 August – Assumption Day

1 December – National holiday

25 and 26 December – Christmas and Boxing Day


Opening times

Traditional shops – Open Monday-Friday, 9-10am to 6-7pm and Saturday morning.

Magazin mixt or magazin alimentar – Often open until very late, or in villages, until the owner decides to go to bed.

Mini markets – Open 24hr a day.

Large supermarkets – Open 7/7 and until late at night.


Antiques – Lipscani district of Bucharest

Wood – Apuseni mountains and region of Székely

Ceramics – Towns of Olari and Marginea

Glass icons – Region of Maramureş

Wool – Botiza in the Maramureş

Painted eggs – Hutsuls and Bukovina

Textiles – Moldavia and Transylvania: tablecloths, embroidery and regional costumes.


Opening times

Museums are generally open Tuesday-Saturday from 9am-5pm. Opening times vary depending on the season.

Social etiquette

Places of worship – In monasteries: wear decent clothes, refrain from smoking or talking and don’t take photos.

Local superstitions – Don’t whistle indoors, don’t wash clothes on Sunday and don’t sit at the corner of a table. Say “noroc” (good luck) when raising your glass or when someone sneezes.

When invited – Bring a small gift, like flowers and take off your shoes when entering even if your hosts insist you keep them on.


To call Romania from abroad

Dial 00 + 40 + area code without the first 0 + number of the person.

To call home from Romania

Dial 00 + country code (UK 44 and Ireland 353) + the number of the person (without the first 0).

Local calls

From one area to another, dial the area code + number of the person. In the same area, dial the person’s number direct.

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