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Tourist attractions

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Tourist attractions Almería

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  • 1 Cathedral Interesting

    Religious buildings

    This cathedral resembles a fortress more than a place of worship. It was built in the 16C on the site of a former mosque. Outside, admire the fine Renaissance main doorway and the curious Portocarrero Sun sculpted on the gable. Inside, do not miss th..

  • 2 Cape Gata Interesting

    Nature and gardens

    The road twisting up to the lighthouse affords magnificent views of the crystal-clear waters of the Mediterranean. The strange volcanic formations emerging here and there are reefs, such as Las Sirenas or Mermaid Reef and El Dedo, the Finger.

  • The park lies south of the Cabo de Gata's volcanic mountain chain in the province of Almería, covering both land and sea. With its isolated landscapes, wild beaches and creeks, this desert-like area only grows aloes and prickly pears. It's a popular ..

  • 4 Alcazaba Interesting

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    calle Almanzor (accès par la calle de la Reina)

    From its ideal location at the top of the hill, the Aalcazaba overlooks Almería and the bay. Abd-er-Rahmán III had the fortress built in the 10C, which was enlarged by Soliman I Musta'in, who created a magnificent Moorish palace. Finally, after the R..

  • 5 Las Puras Church

    Religious buildings

    This church, which is part of a former convent founded in the 16C, dates back to the 17C. The tower is from the same period. The baroque portal is decorated with a coat of arms flanked by two lions' heads and ornamental vases decorated with a sun and..

  • 6 Plaza Vieja (plaza de la Constitución)

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    pl. de la Constitución

    This pleasant square with arcades is dominated by the town hall. It already existed under Arab rule, with its administrative buildings and bazars, but only took on its current form in the 19C. The central column pays respect to the "pinguruchos ..

  • 7 Iglesia de las Claras

    Religious buildings

    Behind a simple gate lies a small 17C church. Notice the cupola over the transept, decorated with plasterwork and coats of arms.

  • 8 San Pedro

    Religious buildings

    Even though it was founded by the Catholic Kings, the current neo-classical church was only built in the 18C. Inside, a balcony under a barrel vault accentuates the long central nave.

  • 9 Church of Santiago

    Religious buildings

    The fine Renaissance portal of this 16C church is very much like that of the cathedral, in both its position and the techniques used. Note the superb relief of St James the "Matamore". The saint's attributes, shells and patriarchal cross de..

  • 10 Puerta de Purchena

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    Puerta de Purchena

    This square is the nerve centre of the town. Most of the seigneurial residences date back to the 19C. The surrounding streets are a popular meeting point at the start of the evening. Make the most of the opportunity to dip your toes into the bustle o..

  • 11 Paseo de Almería

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    Paseo de Almería

    In the main street in Almería, early 20C buildings stand next to modern tower blocks. All sorts of shops can be found here, along with banks, cafeterias and bars, making it a really bustling place. Note the Merchants' Circle (Círculo Mercantil), part..

  • 12 Nicolás Salmerón Promenade

    Nature and gardens

    This pleasant stretch of green with fountains and ponds has been created alongside the port in an area that was once occupied by warehouses.

  • 13 St John's Church

    Religious buildings

    calle San Juan, sur la droite de la promenade

    The simple portal of columns, the pediment and coat of arms resemble a civic building rather than a church. But inside, the 12C mihrab and quibla wall show that this church was built over the remains of a 10C mosque.

  • 14 Museo de Almería

    Museums and art

    Carretera de Ronda 91

    The collections of this recently established museum go from pre-historic times to the Islamic period via the Greek and Roman civilisations. They focus on artefacts found at archaeological sites in the region, including El Argar and Los Millares.

  • 15 English Cable

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    This is the name given to the railway extension built in the early 20C that stretches from the station to the quayside, where boats collected the minerals transported by the trains. It is made up of a stone viaduct extended by an overhead crane. It i..

  • 16 Salt flats

    Nature and gardens

    After the little village of San Miguel de Cabo de Gata, the salt flats (salinas) spread out to the southeast over 300 hectares. This highly protected reserve for water birds welcomes migratory birds in their thousands. The best way to observe them is..

  • The visitors' centre near the Cabo de Gata lighthouse contains a thematic exhibition about the park (marine ecosystems) and has an information area and bookshop.

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