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Tourist attractions

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Tourist attractions Cádiz

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  • 1 Génova park Recommended Recommended

    Nature and gardens

    Avda Doctor Gómez Ulla, s/n

    Previously called the Paseo del Perejil, today this attractive park is the lung of the town, a calm spot, and perfect for pleasant walks. Opposite, the old barracks of Charles III is now the seat of the university.

  • 2 Santa Cruz church Interesting

    Religious buildings

    pl. de Fray Felix, s/n

    Built at the end of the 16C on the site of the first one (13C), the people of Cadiz designed it like the old cathedral. The sober exterior is only enlivened by some varnished ceramic elements. Robust Tuscan style columns separate the three naves, of ..

  • 3 Casa de la Contaduría (Museo Catedralicio) Interesting

    Museums and art

    pl. de Fray Felix, s/n

    This group of four buildings admirably restored and harbouring a 16C Mudejar patio contains the cathedral museum that has objects, garments and various liturgical documents including a letter signed by St Teresa to the baby Jesus. Notice especially a..

  • 4 Oratorio de la Santa Cueva Interesting

    Religious buildings

    calle Rosario 10

    This small chapel, a jewel of the neoclassical art, has exuberant decoration. In an elliptical shape, it is covered with a lunette dome borne on ionic columns. Here you can see the three magnificent paintings (1795) by Goya which have been recently r..

  • 5 Mina square Interesting

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    pl. de Mina

    In the 19C several squares were created on land expropriated from religious orders. Built in 1838 in the garden of the Franciscan convent, one of the first of these squares was Mina square. Today, it is one of the most charming in Cadiz. It has exube..

  • 6 Torre Tavira Interesting

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    calle Marqués del Real Tesoro 10

    In the 17C and 18C, the traders of Cadiz had more than 160 towers built to watch the arrivals of their boats but also as symbols of wealth and prestige. The location of this tower, in the upper part of the town, made it, in 1778, the official watchto..

  • 7 Museum of Cadiz Interesting

    Museums and art

    pl. La Mina, s/n

    Set up in a small neoclassical palace from the middle of the 19C it contains an interesting archaeological collection with, in the section devoted to Phoenician art, two superb anthropomorphic sarcophaguses in white marble from the 5C. BC. In the Fin..

  • 8 Playa de la Caleta Interesting

    Nature and gardens

    This old natural port of the town is the old quarter's beach today. At one end, on a small island linked to the coast by a promontory, is the Castle of St Sebastian (18C.), often used by the military. According to legend, this was the site of the Tem..

  • 9 Cathedral Interesting

    Religious buildings

    pl. de la Catedral, s/n

    Begun in 1722 in a pure Baroque style, it was not finished until 1838. The facade is a play of concave and convex surfaces flanked by two towers topped by small temples, resembling two astronomical observatories. 1844 marked the completion of the gre..

  • 10 Royal Prison

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    C/ Concepción Arenal

    Built in 1792 by the local architect Torcuato Benjumeda, the Royal prison was the first neoclassical building in Cadiz and is wholly representative of this style in Andalusia. The facade is preceded by a sort of arch of triumph which has four great c..

  • 11 Hospital de Mujeres

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    This is one of the main Baroque buildings in Cadiz. To alleviate the lack of space, the architect created a narrow space with large internal volumes. The building is organised around two patios linked by a wonderful monumental staircase under a vault..

  • 12 Santa María and Pópulo districts

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    On this walk you will discover two districts, which are very typical and individual, imbued with the gypsy spirit and where Flamenco traditions mingle with daily life. The Pópulo district is on the site of the early Medieval town, while Santa María i..

  • 13 San Juan de Dios square

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    pl. de San Juan de Dios

    Formerly known as the Corredera square, it is the oldest square in Cadiz along with that of San Antonio, it has been there since the 16C. Its location opposite the port makes it the heart of the town and for a long time it was the site of the market...

  • 14 Sopranis street

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    C/ Sopranis

    In this street you will see some of the best examples of Baroque civil architecture in Cadiz. You will remember the facades of nos 9-10 (called the «House of Lilas» because of the decor of the door) and the patio of nos 17-19, whose staircase is wort..

  • 15 Santa Maria church

    Religious buildings

    calle Santa María, s/n

    The 17C church of the old Santa María convent has given its name to this district. Its mannerist style facade, with clear memories of Juan de Herrera, is the work of Alonso de Vandelvira, son of the famous Renaissance architect Andrès de Vandelvira. ..

  • 16 Casa Lasquetty

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    Standing in Santa María street, this house is an example of Baroque civil architecture in marble from the start of the 18C.

  • 17 Arco de los Blancos

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    The Arco de los Blancos will lead you into the renowned district of Pópulo. Built in the 13C, this gate was formerly called the Gate of the Earth.

  • 18 Casa del Almirante

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    Built by Admiral Diego de Barrios at the end of the 17C, the house is a fine example of a Baroque palace. You will notice a characteristic common to this type of palace, the pre-eminence given to the doorway in marble from Gênes, which combines Tusca..

  • 19 Roman Theatre

    Archaeological and historical sites

    calle Campo del Sur

    Located just behind the Church of Santa Cruz, it has preserved in a good state a part of the approach steps and some underground galleries.

  • 20 Casa de las Cadenas

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    calle Cristobal Colón 12

    Built at the end of the17C following the Baroque style of the age, the house has an attractive doorway in marble from Gênes. Very similar to the la casa del Almirante, it is differentiated by the two wreathed columns which flank the door.

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