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Tourist attractions

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Tourist attractions Jordan

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  • 1 The Dead Sea Recommended Recommended

    Nature and gardens

    It is from the corniche road to the east or the Dead Sea Panoramic Complex that visitors will get the best views over the Dead Sea's turquoise waters and surrounding salt deposits and arid mountains. Lying 400m below sea level, this body of water has..

  • 2 Kerak Castle Recommended Recommended

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    To protect their territories beyond the Jordan, the Crusaders decided to fortify Kerak, enveloping the existing town behind walls in the mid-12C, yet Saladin still conquered the fortress in 1188, as did Baibars in the following century; both changed ..

  • 3 Canyon of Wadi Hasa Recommended Recommended

    Nature and gardens

    Larger and more open than Wadi Mujib, the canyon of Wadi Hasa was the frontier between the lands of Moab and Edom to the south. Its gentler more exposed slopes are planted here and there with olives. Farmers access their terraces, small verdant pocke..

  • 4 Dana Reserve Recommended Recommended

    Nature and gardens

    To save Dana from abandonment, the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature has restored and modernised this village overlooking the canyon of Wadi Fidan, created a nature reserve in its environs and revitalised the local economy, without impacti..

  • 5 Ascent to Ad Deir, Petra Recommended Recommended

    Archaeological and historical sites


    Heading up to the Deir ("monastery") is worthwhile not just to see the monument but also to enjoy the exceptional panorama from the summit over the Araba Valley. Similar to the Treasury, the Deir is distinguished by its more sober décor and..

  • 6 Royal tombs, Petra Recommended Recommended

    Archaeological and historical sites


    The royal tombs comprise of a variety of troglodytic and monumental tombs hewn into Jebel al-Khubtha. Among them are the Urn Tomb (with main chamber measuring 300m2), converted into a church by the Byzantines; the Corinthian Tomb, sadly much eroded b..

  • 7 Jebel al-Madhbah, Petra Recommended Recommended

    Archaeological and historical sites


    A 3hr walk leads to numerous Nabataean monuments - obelisks, fountains, triclinium, tombs... but most importantly to the principal high place of Petra, sited at the top of the hill. It was here, in the open air, that religious ceremonies and sacrific..

  • 8 The Red Sea Recommended Recommended

    Nature and gardens

    Thanks to the cutting of the Suez Canal, the Red Sea links the Mediterranean to the Indian Ocean. At its northern end, the gulf of Aqaba is Jordan's only access point to the sea. The water temperature ranges between 20 and 30°C depending on the seaso..

  • 9 Aqaba Marine Park Recommended Recommended

    Nature and gardens

    Aqaba Marine Park was established in 2004 to protect the extraordinary underwater life of the south coast. It runs for 7km, from the Marine Science Centre Aquarium to the Royal Diving Club. It has around 20 dive sites, including the wreck of the Leba..

  • 10 Folklore Museum, Amman Interesting

    Museums and art

    The museum currently occupies the western section of the ancient theatre. Collections of costumes, culinary utensils, tools, arms, musical instruments... illustrating the cultural diversity of inhabitants from the desert, villages and towns during th..

  • Housed along with the Folklore Museum inside the Roman theatre, the Museum of Popular Traditions presents for the most part women ' s costumes and jewellery from Jordan's different regions, covering the whole of the country. The museum also has a sma..

  • 12 Amman Citadel Interesting

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    Opposite the Roman theatre stood the citadel, or Jebel al-Qalaal, which throughout the first millennium AD kept watch from behind its ramparts over the population of Philadelphia (the city's name at that time). Of this fortified city, there remain ve..

  • 13 King Abdullah Mosque Interesting

    Religious buildings

    It is hard to miss the imposing blue and white dome of this mosque, flanked by two minarets. The octagonal layout resembles Jerusalem's Dome of the Rock. This example of contemporary Islamic art draws on traditional motifs (mouqarnas, moucharabiehs, ..

  • 14 Palace Complex, Amman Interesting

    Archaeological and historical sites

    The remains of this huge Umayyad palace complex include vestiges of a vast entrance hall, baths, a cistern and a colonnade lined by thirteen columns, allowing the visitor to imagine it at its height in the 8C, when it stood along with lodging and adm..

  • 15 King Hussein Memorial Park Interesting

    Nature and gardens

    Situated on the outskirts of Amman, on the main Jordanian road linking Irbid to Aqaba, this vast park is a verdant haven of peace. Planted with hundreds of pines, it is popular on Fridays among families from the capital. From its highest point, there..

  • 16 Qalaat al-Rabadh Castle Interesting

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    This castle is a rare example of Muslim defensive architecture in Jordan. Built around 1184 by a relative of Saladin (Izz al-Din Usama), Rabbadh Fortress was to stand firm against the Crusaders, whose nearest outpost was at Belvoir on the other side ..

  • 17 Basilica, Site of Umm Qais (Gadara) Interesting

    Archaeological and historical sites

    Probably once covered by a dome, the basilica's central octagon is distinguished by eight basalt Corinthian columns, contrasting with the atrium's milky-white column shafts. This layout pins down construction to the 5C-6C. On a hillside site, its alt..

  • 18 Qasr al-Abd Interesting

    Archaeological and historical sites

    Qasr al-Abd's massive white ruins contrast against an ochre rocky backdrop, looking onto the steep-sided valley of Wadi Sir. According to Flavius Josephus, Prince Hyrcan of the region's Tobiad dynasty, ruling from Amman in the 5C BC, had a palace sur..

  • 19 Qasr al-Kharaneh Interesting

    Architecture, castles and historic districts

    Built by the Umayyad caliphs in the 8C, Qasr al-Kharaneh appears lost in the Jordanian desert. Its rather austere quadrangular construction has a fortress-like appearance from the outside; its only apertures are loopholes and an entrance protected by..

  • 20 Umm al-Jimal Interesting

    Archaeological and historical sites

    Umm al-Jimal's ruins lie in the Hauran, close to Bosra in Syria, and have yielded valuable information on Roman and Byzantine town planning. More than 100 houses and around 15 churches have been identified among the ruins, which are surrounded by a w..

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