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Public transport

The most economical and fastest way of getting around the city.

Metropolitan Transportation Authority – www.mta.info


Subway lines have either a number or a letter. To find the right platform, look for the direction (downtown or uptown) or the destination (Brooklyn-bound, for example). Lines are omnibus (local) or express, announced by loudspeaker before the train arrives. Some lines pull up at the same platform one after the other: look at the route number or letter at the front or sides of the train. If you get out at the wrong station or take the wrong exit and swipe your pass at a turnstile, you will have to wait for 18min before re-entering.


Bus lines are numbered. The preceding letter indicates the borough: M for Manhattan, B for Brooklyn, Bx for Bronx, etc. In Manhattan, transversal lines are numbered after the street, which they run alongside. Push the “Stop” button or the yellow vertical strips located between the windows when you want to get off (every 2 or 3 blocks).

Fares and discounts

Ticket : tickets cost €2 and can be used for one journey, including transfers (except from bus to bus when the line you are leaving does not cross the one you are joining).

Attractive passes:

One-Day Fun Pass : valid 1 day, unlimited travel in the subway or bus until 3am in the morning (€7.50).

Pay-Per-Ride MetroCard : $10 (6 journeys) or €20 (12 journeys). Includes transfers from subway to bus (for 2hr after the first passage) and can be topped up as often as you wish, making it possible to save 20% compared to the price of a subway ticket.

7-Day Unlimited Ride Metro-Card : valid 7 days, unlimited travel on the subway or bus (€25).

Night transport

The subway runs 24/7, but some stations are closed at night. Many bus lines also operate 24/7. Between 10pm and 5am, you can ask the driver to stop between two stations.


Yellow taxicabs are equipped with a meter. The initial pick-up charge is €2, then $0.30 for each additional 1/5 mile (around 4 blocks) or $0.20/min when the cab is stuck in traffic jams. From 8pm to 5am, you will be charged an extra $0.50. Passengers are charged extra for bridge and tunnel tolls. Add on a 10-15% tip. If the light on the cab’s roof is lit, the cab is vacant.

www.nyccabfare.com makes it possible to calculate a taxi fare if you indicate the departure and destination address.

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